The online apologetics and discernment work Apprising Ministries continues with the documentation of the New Downgrade No-Controversy, which is actually accelerating in the mainstream evangelical community. 

A classic example is Tony Jones Argues For Open Marriage And Polyamory where I clearly showed you a professor of a doctorate level course in Christian Spirituality at the ostensibly evangelical Fuller Theological Seminary is out and arguing in favor of sexual immorality. 

Not even a timid peep has been heard; and before you attribute this to my supposed “anger,” the Lord knows I’m not the least surprised by that; I fully expected it. In fact, it furthers my thesis that evangelicalism is awash with milquetoast women in men’s trousers afraid of their own spiritual shadows. 

Which brings me nicely ‘round to the below video of pro-choice advocate “the Reverend” Vincent Lachina, “former pastor at the Grace Gospel Chapel” who’s also a full time chaplin with Planned Parenthood in Seattle. [1] I don’t normally cover the abortion issue here at AM. 

This is a little different as an AM reader sent me a newsletter (click to enlarge) from Les Riley, the Founder & Director of Personhood Mississippi:

As you can see, the video is contained therein. It was only because of yet another heavy DOS attack that sent AM and Christian Research Network offline, obviously enemy forces are conceding the impact of this labor in the Lord, that I happened to have time to watch the video. 

I’d say it was providential as you’ll see that Lachina introduces himself as “an ordained Southern Baptist minister.” I called Les, whom I enjoyed getting to know him and may God bless his work. I asked him if Lachina made that claim to be an SBC minister at this August 9, 2011 event described in the newsletter. 

Les Riley assured me that he most certainly did. Well, this now put the issue in my camp because I’m one of the few covering the advance of the pro-gay lobby into spiritually spineless evanjellyfish. They’re using e.g. emergent fools like the apostate Tony Jones and his equally apostate “pastor,” a universalist, Doug Pagitt—whose radio podcast incidentally is also sponsored by FTS. 

The goal of this aggressive pro LGBT lobby is to absolutely rip apart mainstream denominations as they’ve already done in the dead mainline. Their evil attempt is to make the deviant, and sinful, lifestyle of having sexual relations with members of the same sex, i.e. homosexuality, an acceptable one for the regenerated Christian. 

Perhaps now you’ve begin scratching your head wondering, what in the world does this possibly have to do with professing SBC pro-choice minister Vincent Lachina; it’s clearly a separate issue. Sorry about that chief; no, it isn’t. For you see, homosexual activist Vincent Lachina himself tells us that he’s “queer folk” and a “gay” man. 

The following is from a January 30, 2007 letter to the editor of the pro-gay publication The Advocate, concerning their piece “The good boy.” From the copy I now have on file we read Lachina inform us: 

Maybe I’m confused, but doesn’t the vast majority of Americans and more than three quarters of the rest of the world find us queer folk to be anathema and define us all with that term, pervert?

 We gay men don’t need to worry about what the Republicans, the religious right, or homophobes will do to us. We should instead be worried about those of our own who seek to build themselves up at the expense of the rest of us

Now, as one who is with the Slowly Becoming Catholic myself (for now) I’m well aware of its Idol of Autonomy; but former SBC president (2000-2002) Dr. James Merritt once boldly told the 2001 SBC national convention to a round of applause:

Now I want to say this straight and I want to make it plain… I believe in local church autonomy… I don’t want any leader,… any agency,… any institution or any convention giving orders to me or my congregation but hear me and hear me well…

the ocean of church autonomy stops at the shore of biblical authority… (loud applause from messengers). (Online source)

Well, wouldn’t claiming to be an SBC minister of the Gospel while being in open and unrepentant sexual sin fall into that category? Not to mention advocating the slaughter of unborn children and practicing homoppression by withholding the Gospel from precious LGBT people, for whom Christ died, and instead lying to them by affirming them in their sin. 

Perhaps someone who’s in leadership within the SBC may wish to look into Vincent Lachina as he represents the SBC before the world; he isn’t even in line with the much-vaunted Baptist Faith & Message, let alone the Bible. O, I know that Counter Reformation Roman Catholic mysticism is ok in the SBC; but has the Southern Baptist Convention really sunk so low they’d now even endorse openly gay clergy?

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