Apprising Ministries first brought this Emerging Church apostasia-palooza conference Christianity 21 (C21) to your attention in Tony Jones And Christianity 21: The Future Of Apostate Christianity.

You may know that the apostate Dr. Tony Jones is to teach “The Doctor of Ministry cohort in Christian Spirituality” [1] at Fuller Theological Seminary and is the progressive/liberal “theologian in residence” at the Emerging Church of his good friend and fellow apostate, Emergent Church universalist pastor Doug Pagitt.

The dubious duo of Jones and Pagitt, two-thirds of the unholy EC trinity along with Living Spiritual Teacher and EC guru Brian McLaren, were the instigators who unleashed the original C21 [2] via their JoPa Productions. C21 entirely featured women as speakers and was billed by JoPa as 21 “Voices” who would supposedly be revealing “the way the Christianity will be changing in coming days.”

Among the spiritually motley crew making up these voices at C21 was LGBT advocate Seth Donovan, former “professional f**k-up” and self-professed “queer affirming” ELCA pastrix Nadia Bolz-Weber—sense a theme here—as well as the Empress of Emergence Christianity [3] Phyllis Tickle. Tickle tells us she’s glad that sola Scriptura is now passe and that, because it is the mainstream of the visible church can finally change the way we approach the issue of homosexuality. [4]

Now we need to get set for C21 #2 as the other day Doug Pagitt would tweet:

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The link takes us here:

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We’re also reminded that it’s been a few years since the initial C21 heresy-fest:

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Now we can see that, in addition humanity and spirituality, C21 will be focused upon sexuality. As fitting with his usual M.O. our apostate FTS professor Tony Jones began pushing the envelope with his July 11 post What’s a Christian to Do with…Dan Savage? Savage happens to be a gay man who’s behind the It Gets Better project for the LGBT community and is actually rather hostile to the Christian faith.

He’s also editor of The Stranger and is best known for his syndicated column Savage Love. Neither of these are appropriate for the Christian, which is why I did not link to them. Jones tells us his Savage post:

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So Jones would have us believe there’s something “strangely compelling” that “should, or must, be taken seriously” in the work of Dan Savage. It seems rather peculiar for a professor with a major seminary reputed to be mainstream evangelical to “confess” to us that:

almost every week, I pick up a copy of the City Pages, the Twin Cities alt weekly, during a regular Wednesday meeting at Common Roots in Minneapolis. And when I do, I immediately flip to the back pages where, between ads for erotic massage and gay love phone lines, I find Savage Love, the column of America’s premier sex advice columnist, Dan Savage.

In fact, it seems that Savage may be America’s premier sex ethicist as well. (Online source)

Resisting the urge to wrestle with the snake here, I’ll simply say that I personally find this choice of regular reading material kind of odd for a supposed Christian minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Leaving that aside, Tony Jones tells us that Savage “was reared Catholic, and he’s now an agnostic, or atheist.” Jones also informs us that:

In any case, he is an outspoken opponent of religion. However, unlike other atheists I follow on Twitter and elsewhere — Penn Gillette and Bill Maher, to name a couple — I find Savage far more interesting, far more compelling, and far more important for me, as a Christian theologian, to take seriously. (Online source)

Again, this strikes me as an unusual statement. Now we hit the heart of the matter and why I’m drawing this column to your attention as it pertains to the upcoming C21. Pay careful attention as Jones points out that “Savage was profiled at length in the New York Times by Mark Oppenheimer.” Note that the issue of mongamy is the subject of the quote below as Jones says:

In, “Infidelity Will Keep Us Together,” Oppenheimer writes,

Savage believes monogamy is right for many couples. But he believes that our discourse about it, and about sexuality more generally, is dishonest. Some people need more than one partner, he writes, just as some people need flirting, others need to be whipped, others need lovers of both sexes.

We can’t help our urges, and we should not lie to our partners about them. In some marriages, talking honestly about our needs will forestall or obviate affairs; in other marriages, the conversation may lead to an affair, but with permission. In both cases, honesty is the best policy. (Online source)

Here we’re actually getting a prequel as to where “sexuality” will be headed for C21; it will begin to attack the proper Biblical sexuality within the marriage of a man to a woman. It’s not hard to figure out as Jones opines:

This, of course, will immediately irk most Christians. Christianity has traditionally — although not unequivocally — held to a strict standard of monogamy. At least in theory. In practice, Christian men have, over the last two millennia, had the opportunity for sexual dalliances through mistresses, concubines, and prostitutes. Of course, there were puritanical moments in history, but the American moment was a particularly puritanical. (Online source)

Can you see; Tony Jones has already fired the first shot. Of course, Satan’s servants always have a little truth to sweeten the taste of their poison lies.You ask, “did you just say this professor for FTS is a servant of Satan?” Yes, absolutely. Now, Jones is right when he says, “Christianity has traditionally — although not unequivocally — held to a strict standard of monogamy.” Then he tries to use the fact that sinners are prone to sin to somehow normalize “sexual dalliances through mistresses,” etc.

I’m actually a little surprised by this tactic from Dr. Jones, who as a “Christian theologian,” should know he’s using a non sequitur. Just because people who profess to be Christian have committed the sin of sexual immorality—regardless of how they did so—it does not logically follow this should be taken as legitmate behavior for the Christian. I can almost hear the hiss as Jones says the deviant ideas expressed by Savage “will immediately irk most Christians”; but we note, apparently not Tony Jones.

Of course we find those statements abhorrent; they are counter to what God has outlined as proper Christian spirituality in His inerrant and infallible Word in the Bible. Yet, it seems for Jones, those who would hold “to a strict [Biblical] standard of monogamy” are “a particularly puritanical” bunch. Again, there’s some truth to this because the Puritans did try and order their lives by what God said in Holy Scripture; but the C21 brood within the Emerging Church is now attacking that kind of life, i.e. godliness.

This becomes painfully obvious as Jones furthers his outright assault on Biblical morality while he praises Savage; whom he tells us would draw the sexual line at “pedophilia.” For now anyway; Jones continues:

The ethic of honesty is what Savage calls for in his column, week after week telling his readers that if they’ve got a kink or a fetish, they should tell their partner about it. And, if you’ve picked smartly, your partner should be GGG: good, giving, and game. (Online source, bold his)

I’m sorry that this has to be covered; but at the same time, I would never have allowed apostates like Tony Jones, lovers of self and rebels against God’s Word, to have set up shop in the mainstream of the church in the first place. The question you need to ask is: Why would a Christian theologian be attacking the Christian ethic of monogamy? Let me answer it this way; suppose you married a woman who has “a kink,” let’s say for arguments sake, of wishing to be bisexual and you’re a smart “GGG.”

You’d then have to be “giving, and game,” which means your “partner” requires at least one more sexual partner. Now you see, in order for those in the EC like Tony Jones to champion the pro-gay agenda of the LGBT community, they have to kick out monogamy; so that’s where they’re headed. Jones now, at the very least, hints of a belief in the fairy tale for adults that is the theory of evolution when he says:

Savage’s sexual ethic is primarily one of realism: human beings are animals who, until very recently, procreated like animals. It is evolutionarily dishonest to demand monogamy of a species predisposed against it. It’s not impossible to be monogamous, he says, but it is super difficult, and you’ll be more likely to succeed if your partner is GGG. (Online source, bold his)

Quite obviously, this does not fall in line with a Biblical worldview; which makes the next statement from a professor with an ostensibly evangelical institution rather startling. Yet Jones goes on to say, “I don’t know if Savage’s ethic jibes with a biblical, Christian view of sexuality.” Let me help here; no, it doesn’t. Now let’s be clear; the Christian will say that Dan Savage, and apparently Tony Jones, are welcome to their beliefs. That’s not the issue; the issues is, it is not Christian sexuality.

As I get ready to close this out, for now, Dr. Jones makes another error logically as he commits the fallacy of argumentum ad populum. However, it is most informative as to where C21 sexuality is headed because Jones reveals that he thinks Dan Savage is a “lot more realistic about sex” than:

most Christians I’ve talked to about sex; 2) based on my experience on this blog and at the Wild Goose Festival, a lot of Christians really want to talk about sexuality; and 3) many Christians are ready for our conversations about sexuality to expand beyond “what to do with the gays,” and instead have a more fully-orbed dialogue about sexuality and human identity.

I also know that, for the first time in my life I’ve met Christians who are in “open” marriages or are practicing polyamory — and I’m committed that my theological/ethical response to them be both Christian and pragmatic/realistic. (Online source)

Behold where C21 Emergence Christianity will now begin trying to move the younger sectors of evangelicalism who largely do not hold to sola Scriptura themselves:  open marriages and practicing polyamory (many partners). That’s why I’ve been telling you evangelicalism is only beginning to pay the price for using their own Young Adult and Youth ministries as human guinea pigs for Emergent apostates like  Tony Jones and Doug Pagitt. What will it finally take to see that their fruit is just as rotten as it gets?

Let me also give you a clearer picture of the hypocrisy inherent within the homosexual lobby and Dan Savage in particular. I’ll leave you with Homosexual Savage Bullies Conservative, While Promoting Anti-Bullying Campaign by Stacy Lynn Harp over at the Christian Post blog. Let me warn you, it’s not for the squeamish; but because of the Emerging Church and its corrupt Christianity 21 you need to know that:

homosexual sex columnist Dan Savage appeared in on the website Funny or Die that was intended to threaten Republican Rick Santorum, with the redefining of the name “Rick”.

The reason that this is concerning is because Dan Savage successfully did a smear campaign on Rick Santorum a few years ago, when he took Rick Santorum’s last name and added a nasty meaning to it. I’m sorry to have to do this to you, but I must share the definition that homosexual activist Dan Savage attached to Rick Santorum’s name,…

Sadly, to my knowledge, Dan Savage has been able to get away with this libel and not suffer any consequences for his actions. All that you have to do is Google Rick Santorum’s name and you can see the vilification.

Now, Dan Savage has launched another brutal attack on Rick Santorum – under the guise of humor – by threatening to redefine his first name, “Rick”. You can see the video at Funny or Die, but be warned: It’s pretty nasty.

Here’s the point of me bringing this up: Despite the fact that Dan Savage, who is a very militant homosexual activist ­ (as proven by the aforementioned actions), ironically is the very same Dan Savage that started the “It Gets Better Project” in September of 2010. The purpose of the “It Gets Better Project” is to inspire hope in young people, presumably homosexual, who are facing harassment and bullying. Yes, you read that correctly.

So let’s get this straight… Homosexual sex columnist, Dan Savage, intentionally smears Republican Rick Santorum, simply because Rick states the truth about homosexual activity, so Savage intentionally libels Santorum and gets away with it, while at the same time sets up an ANTI-BULLYING PROJECT because he cares about others being bullied for being homosexual. Meanwhile, liberal outlets like CNN and The Washington Post enjoy Savage attacking Rick Santorum and make jokes about it…

It’s sad and yet it’s not surprising because, in this perverse age that we live in, good is called evil and evil is called good. The spirit working through Dan Savage is truly seeking to kill, steal and destroy anyone, like Rick Santorum, who stands up for biblical truth.

I just wonder how much the founder of an anti-bullying campaign can actually get away with bullying anyone who does not agree with his position. If it’s okay for a homosexual activist to libel a person online and then threaten to defame their first name online, and not suffer any consequences, then where is society going to draw the line? …

It is argued by those on the left, who are blinded by the spirit of the age, that homosexuals do not have special rights. The truth is that they completely have special rights. They have the right to bully, harass, intimidate, slander, vilify, libel and defame, with immunity, anyone who disagrees with the sin of homosexuality. So, the next time someone tries to convince you that there are no special rights for the homosexual community, please remember Rick Santorum and the actions of Dan Savage. (Online source)

Well said, Stacy.

End Notes:

Back to note 1, accessed 8/7/11.

Back to note 2 — You can find out more about this heresy fest in Tony Jones And His Pastor Doug Pagitt With JoPa Productions And Christianity 21 and Doug Pagitt Invites You To Christianity 21.

Back to note 3— Far from dead, the upgraded Emerging Church 2.0 has been busy forging together its new postmodern form of Progessive Christianity theology, a Liberalism 2.0 many call Emergence Christianity, which Living Spiritual Teacher and EC guru Brian McLaren begins laying out in his latest book A New Kind of Christianity.

Back to note 4 — In pieces like Doug Pagitt And Homosexual Sin and Jay Bakker Critiques Ken Silva At Religion DISPATCHES I told you that the EC is making a concerted push within mainstream evangelicalism the deviant and sinful lifestyle of having sexual relations with another of the same sex, i.e homosexuality, is a viable one for the regenerated Christian.

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