The online apologetics and discernment work Apprising Ministries continues covering and documenting The New Downgrade that’s right now going on unopposed within the mainstream of the evangelical community.

One of the issues I’ve been alerting you to is the aggressive advance of the pro-gay agenda into the younger sectors of once conservative evangelicalism as evidenced e.g. by Doug Pagitt And Homosexual Sin.

In fact, it’s because of the evil influence of counterfeit Christians like Pagitt in the sinfully ecumenical cult of the Emergent Church aka the Emerging Church [1that I have to cover lunacy in the Lord’s Name such as you’re about to see. I just reminded you again in Miley Cyrus And Gay Marriage, where I showed you this eighteen-year-old professing Christian is promoting same-sex marriage, that hers is a prevailing view among younger evangelicals.

That is a direct result of the warped work of EC apostates like Pagitt’s progressive/liberal “theologian in residence,” and Fuller Theological Seminary professor, Dr. Tony Jones along with his intimate friend, gay affirming “pastor” Jay Bakker. This is a main reason why God moved me to begin covering the issue of the growing acceptance within evangelicalism that the deviant and sinful lifestyle of having sexual relations with another of the same sex, i.e homosexuality, is a viable one for the regenerated Christian.

With this in mind then, let me direct your attention to WorldNetDaily and an exclusive report by Joe Kovacs called God Has Two Mommies: Jesus, Mary and … Josephine? It’s lesbian Nativity at church where we’re told:

The Bible’s account of the night Jesus was born is noted for some well-known characters at the Bethlehem manger, including the baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph and some shepherds following the instructions of an angel.

The famous wise men were not present, as they showed up later when Jesus was a young child in a house. And as far as the New Testament indicates, there weren’t any lesbians there either. (Online source)

Huh? What would lesbians have to do with the manger scene? Sadly, the more you make a study of the godless pro-gay lobby now well within the visible church you quickly find that nothing’s sacred to such as these. Kovacs continues:

Now a Christian church in America’s heartland is helping redefine the story, as its most-recent living Nativity scene in December featured two women instead of a man and a women starring as Joseph and Mary.

“It’s not very groundbreaking at all to use the youngest baby in the congregation to play the role of Jesus. The parents just happened to be two women,” said Rev. Linda Butler, pastor of St. Timothy’s United Methodist Church in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

“They were playing the role of the Holy Family, not necessarily Mary and Joseph. We never referred to the moms as Mary and Joseph. We referred to them as the Holy Family.”
(Online source)

Pastrix Butler demonstrates yet another reason God did not call women as teaching elders; you see, in Scripture “the Holy Family” is a man, a woman, and the baby. Quite obviously “the parents” used at St. Timothy’s United Methodist Church (STUMC) are a lesbian couple. It stretches past the point of credulity to think this “inclusive” [means gay affirming] church chose them by accident. Kovacs informs us:

Butler told WND the living Nativity was part of her church’s intergenerational Christmas program featuring readings from the gospels mixed with music and live players to recount the event.

“And when the Holy Family arrived, it was two women with their baby,” she said. “What we emphasized was that this was two parents, and this is our baby and this our story. They’re two moms, but it doesn’t stand out.” (Online source)

To those of us who’re Bible-believing Christians it most certainly does stand out because two moms in the manger where Christ Jesus was born is foreign to the text of Scripture. Yet pastrix Butler still dreams:

“It does fit so well biblically,” noting that Jesus had a human mother, but Joseph was not the Savior’s actual father. 

“If He was born of a virgin, then Joseph is not the father,” Butler said. “He’s not part of the conception.” (Online source)

Joseph not being part of conception makes two moms “fit so well biblically?” Yikes, we can see logic isn’t a strong suit for pastrix Butler. Now, you might remember in Heartland Clergy For Inclusion Causing Division I told you about  The Heartland Proclamation. This is a group of cowardly compromisers calling themselves the Heartland Clergy for Inclusion who tell us “[t]he Holy Spirit compels” them to write:

The verdict is in. Homosexuality is not a sickness, not a choice, and not a sin… [and we] embrace the full inclusion of our LGBT brothers and sisters in all areas of church life, including leadership;… (Online source)

What utter nonsense; God absolutely did not compel those words, it’s just the love of self and a wild goose chase after another spirit. That spiritually motley Heartland Inclusion crew is lead by Rev. Eric Elnes, Senior Pastor at Countryside Community Church in Omaha along with Associate Pastrix Chris Alexander. I’m actually a little surprised that pastrix Butler hasn’t signed it, yet, but it is further indication of the spread of this vile pro-gay lobby within the broader evangelical community. 

As you can see below, at STUMC this gay affirming agenda takes center stage:

Affiliation with Reconciling Ministries Network

The Leadership Council of St. Timothys United Methodist Church of Cedar Falls decided at a recent meeting to affiliate with the Reconciling Ministries Network…

The congregation of St. Timothys United Methodist Church in Cedar Falls celebrates God’s gifts as a faith community built upon the life and teachings of Jesus Christ…to live out God’s unending love through the inclusiveness and welcoming of all persons, including those of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

[T]hat within the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender) community, the widely held assumption is that they are not welcome in churches unless a congregation states specifically that they are welcome.

Leading up to the Council’s decision, a study on the Bible and homosexuality was offered, and in separate worship services the congregation listened as four members of the church shared personal stories of how their being gay or having a gay friend or sibling affected their lives.

The Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN) is a growing movement of United Methodist individuals, congregations, campus ministries, and other groups working for the full participation of all people in the United Methodist Church. (Online source)

We note a couple of key points here: 1) personal stories trumped what the Bible says about the deviant and sinful lifestyle of homosexuality, and 2) STUMC has aligned itself with “a growing movement” i.e. a pro-gay lobby currently working to kill what’s left of the UMC.

They are divisive wolves tearing apart that denomination just as you’ll see their fellow wolves have done recently in Emerging Church ELCA Pastrix Nadia Bolz-Weber Bolder In Apostasy and PCUSA Officially No Longer Christian Organization As Ban Against Gay Clergy Lifted.

 Make no mistake, Kovacs points out just how aggressive pastrix Linda Butler and her STUMC really are to try and make the abhorrent homosexual lifestyle acceptable for the Christian:

St. Timothy’s United Methodist has been a church unafraid of championing homosexual causes. Butler even made them a focus during her day-after-Christmas sermon last December.

“In the midst of this Christmas joy,” she said from the pulpit, “when God appears to us in human form, the gospel reading reminds us … we have to shout at church actions … that do not affirm God’s holy work among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people…

St. Timothy’s proudly displays a statement of inclusiveness,… The theme of homosexual support is pervasive on the church’s website, noting the congregation will:

  • Incorporate into our programs and policies – to the degree allowed by United Methodist discipline – inclusive language and practices that affirm our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters.
  • Make clear to the community at large that we welcome all persons, regardless of sexual orientation, as loved and loving members of our congregation.
  • Educate ourselves about the lives and issues of gay and lesbian persons.
  • Support the same guaranteed civil protections for homosexuals as for heterosexuals.
  • Educate ourselves about our own gifts of loving sexuality.

Ironically, the national headquarters of the United Methodist Church says, “The practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching.” (Online source)

We now reach the heart of the matter: These rebels against the final authority of God’s Word see themselves on a mission to bring about full affirmation for their “gay and lesbians brothers and sisters.”

As such, they will stop at nothing to take over the rest of the church visible; and you’d best believe that these vipers are gunning now for the mainstream of the spiritually spineless evanjellyfish community.

So the time has now arrived to take up your Sword of the Spirit and go out to meet them full on.

End Notes:

Back to note 1 — Far from dead, the upgraded Emerging Church 2.0 has been busy forging together its new form of postmodern liberal theology, a Liberalism 2.0 many call Emergence Christianity, which Living Spiritual Teacher and EC guru Brian McLaren begins laying out in his latest book A New Kind of Christianity.

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