For certain people have crept in unnoticed who long ago were designated for this condemnation, ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into sensuality and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ. (Jude 4)

Let’s Be Praying Nadia Bolz-Weber Will Repent

Apprising Ministries has told you before that the sinfully ecumenical Emerging Church, now a full-blown neo-liberal cult operating within mainstream evangelicalism, would also prove to be a Trojan Horse unloading critical-thinking skills numbing Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism under the guise of so-called Spiritual Formation. Yesterday in Doug Pagitt And The Emerging Church Gay Agenda I also remided you that there’s a growing acceptance within evangelicalism that the deviant and sinful lifestyle of having sexual relations with another of the same sex, i.e homosexuality, is a viable one for the regenerated Christian; and further, the EC is already making acceptance of this sin of sexual immorality for the Christian a prime hot-button issue within the church visible.

We note again that both the heretical quasi-universalist Emerging Church pastor Doug Pagitt, who heads the Emergent Solomon’s Porch, and his equally heretical “theologian in residence” Tony Jones affirm that the practice of homosexuality is acceptable for the Christian, as you can see in Doug Pagitt, The Emerging Church, And Affirming Homosexuality and Emergence Christianity Theologian Tony Jones And His Unrepentant Homosexual Christians. So we shouldn’t be surprised that this dubious duo behind the EC apostasia-palooza Christianity 21 (c 21) would have among their alleged “innovative” and “most important voices for the future of Christianity” at c 21, who’d also supposedly“speak into our future” in order to “shape the future of our faith,” women who are as gay affirming as Pagitt and Jones.

One of the most notable of which was self-professed “queer inclusive” ELCA pastrix, and former “professional f**k-up,” Nadia Bolz-Weber whom I introduced you to in Christianity 21 And Alleged Innovative Voices In The Faith: Nadia Bolz-Weber. With this in mind then, the San Francisco Chronicle told us in their July 26th report Gay and transgender Lutheran pastors reinstated:

Seven Bay Area gay and transgender pastors were reinstated into the national Lutheran church on Sunday after being barred for two decades from serving in the denomination. It was a day of mixed feelings for the “Bay Area Seven” – the Revs. Jeff Johnson, Megan Rohrer, Paul Brenner, Craig Minich, Dawn Roginski Sharon Stalkfleet and Ross Merkel – who saw the event as an act of reconciliation with the church that once shunned them…

The pastors were welcomed almost a year after the national assembly of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America – the largest Lutheran denomination in the country – voted to allow gay men and women, with partners, to serve as clergy members, making it the latest Protestant church to allow such ordinations. (Online source)

Then the Baltimore Sun added:

Megan Rohrer, one of the pastors who will participate in Sunday’s rite of reception service, grew up in South Dakota and attended a Lutheran college where she said students tried to exorcise her “gay demons” by throwing holy water on her. Some of those people are now Lutheran pastors in South Dakota, she said. Rohrer, who is transgender and a lesbian, was ordained by four congregations in San Francisco in 2006, but could not join the ELCA roster until the denomination’s national assembly approved the new policy in August. (Online source)

A couple of days later pastrix Rohrer would tweet:

(Online source)

Now you may recall the name Megan Rohrer from Rev. Megan Rohrer On Gay Rights Movement where I explained that this rebel against the authority of God’s Word is “the first openly transgender Lutheran pastor ordained in the United States.” For you see, you’ll need to know that sincere—but sincerely deceived—“Christ-followers” like pastrix Rohrer are a whole lot closer to the center of increasingly inclusive evanjellyfish than you may think; and you can thank other apostates like Tony Jones and Doug Pagitt that you even need to be aware of the likes of pastrix Nadia Bolz-Weber, who refers to herself as a “progressive Christian” i.e. liberal and is pretty open that her ELCA church House for All Sinners and Saints aka HFASS (*tee hee* get it?) is “queer inclusive.”

But what’s pastrix Bolz-Weber got to do with this rotten “rite of reception service?” Well, I’m glad you asked. Let’s fly by her Sarcastic Lutheran: The cranky spirituality of a postmodern Gal. Emerging church ala Lutherblog; by the way, this is but more of her odiferous pomo skubalon because Martin Luther would never have aligned himself with the egregious Emerging Church or with pastrix Bolz-Weber herself, but I digress. In her post No Longer Gay nor Straight pastrix Bolz-Weber proudly gushes concerning her part in the despicable heresy-fest mentioned above:

Last Sunday I had the honor of preaching at the rite of reception/re-installation of 7 GLBTQ Lutheran clergy in San Francisco.  My denomination changed its policy in August, now allowing GLBTQ clergy to be in life-long, monogamous, publicly accountable same-sex relationships.   We’ve taken the closets out of the church. 

6 of these pastors were ordained through the Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries – an ordination process  which exactly paralleled the ELCA, waiting for that day last August when the ELM pastors could be received onto the the ELCA clergy roster.  The 7th, Ross Merkel, was re-instated onto our roster, having been removed 20 years ago for being gay.  Ross Merkel is also the guy who made me a Lutheran to begin with. (Online source)

No, pastrix Bolz-Weber; you people who are busy ripping apart the visible church with your divisive gay agenda didn’t take “the closets out of the church” at all. As I brought out before in ELCA Removes All Barriers To Gay Inclusion, in the real world when your church or denomination ordains someone who’s in wilful, and unrepentant, sin it has ceased at that point to even be a church of Jesus Christ. Despite her claims otherwise, with Bolz-Weber now becoming even bolder in her apostasy, to even attend a spiritually squalid service like this—let alone “preach” for it—we have good reason to say we’re not even dealing with a Christian here at all. Enter another ELCA affront to the Name of Jesus Christ called Ebenezer Lutheran Church, aka “‘Her Church,” where pastrix Rohrer is on staff along with head pastrix Stacy Boom:

(Online source)

In fact Judith L Dancer, Minister of Embodyment at “Ebeneezer/herchurch Lutheran,” as it is billed in the post The Rite – Full Text, Video and Photos—where you can read about and watch this entire sham service—also did some kind of an interpretive dance during it as well. Ebeneezer/herchurch Lutheran’s main shtick happens to be something called the Goddess Rosary. You read that right; we really can’t make up this kind of lunacy in the Lord:

Each morning Pastor Stacy and members of herchurch pray the Goddess Rosary, remembering the struggles of women everywhere, while adding a bead at each prayer. Send brief info about your self and journey so we can customize your rosary for you.
(Online source)

From Experiencing the Goddess Rosary, which appears right on Ebeneezer/herchurch Lutheran’s website, Dalyn Cook tells us what goes on in this blasphemy:

The banner on the outside of Ebenezer Lutheran Church boldly proclaims “Goddess Rosary Every Wednesday 7 p.m.”…  I was eager to experience this new phenomenon, and it was with open mind and heart that I entered Ebenezer on my first Wednesday evening in the City. Thought [sic] the church was empty, I felt that I had stepped into a Presence, like a mother’s warm embrace…

From the basket of rosaries, I took into my hand a strand of vibrantly-colored beads with a silver goddess icon in place of the traditional cross. The goddesses came in a variety of shapes and sizes, celebrating the beauty of the feminine form; I found reflections of my own figure in the full hips and Rubenesque curves of my goddess. Once gathered, we began to recite together the “Our Mother” and “Hail Goddess” prayers. At first, it was awkward as we broke the silence together, yet as our lips became accustomed to the shape and rhythm of the words, a lyrical and rhythmic unison chant emerged…

Between rosaries, we were afforded a moment for personal reflection; some women went to the altar to light incense or candles, some rang bells or sounded the Tibetan bowls, which resounded vibrantly, others kneeled… Following a third and final recitation of the rosary, we remained still, and slowly everyone rose and headed home,… (Online source)

If you’d like to know a part of what this goddess rosary prayer is, then take a look at column three in the following because addressing a demon called, “Our Mother who is within us,” was even a part of the closing prayer of this very blasphemous service I’ve been discussing, at which Emerging Church pastrix Nadia Bolz-Weber so proudly preached:

(Online source)

And below is the video from this ignominious event, which these rebels against the Word of God deluded themselves they were offering to the one true and living God of the Bible: 

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