A good post from Apprising Ministries correspondent Chrystal Whitt over at Slaughter of the Sheep, which begins:

Have you ever noticed that when false prophets prophesy, they say that the things they are prophesying about will happen in a way “you have never seen before?”  Yet, there is no visible witness that their word has come to pass, and God’s power isn’t being vulgarly displayed through the signs and wonders they predict will happen.  While the deceived are watching for signs and wonders, those who are truly spiritually discerning can see that deception is escalating at a mind-numbing clip.

In this video [in her post], E. Bernard Jordan, father of Manasseh Jordan, prophesies about teachers leaving classrooms, America becoming bilingual, men dressed in green, dogs upon the ropes (don’t ask me), the mantle of the prophet coming upon the scene in a way never seen before (see, there it is), anointed men and women being placed in the forefront because new revelation will come forth, and a change in the way church is done.  It will no longer be done the way it has been done in the past… (Online source)

You can read the rest of her post and view the video of the false prophet E. Bernard Jordan right here.

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