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DO MYS TIC (də mɪst’ ik) n. (DOM, from DOMIONION n. – 1400–50; late Middle English  < Middle French  < Medieval Latin *dominiōn-  (stem of *dominiō ) lordship, property, ownership); (MYSTIC n. – 1275–1325; Middle English mystik  < Latin mysticus  < Greek mystikós,  equivalent to mýst ( ēs ) an initiate into the mysteries + […]


Pro-tho-lic (prŏ’-thŏl-ĭc) n. [GK protos (Strongs G4253), foremost, first, Middle English < Latin prō (prep) in favor of, for; Greek pró, Sanskrit pra; GK holos (Strongs G3650), whole, (holic: a combining form extracted from alcoholic, a person who has an addiction to or obsession with some object or activity.) Lit. Proto-holic] 1. A professing Protestant who […]

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