I first talked about apostate Anglican “Bishop” Tony Palmer in the Apprising Ministries article James Robison to Pope Francis “In Christ We Are Brothers”. Then in Rick Warren Endorsing Catholics Come Home I gave you a bit more background into who Palmer is and the spiritual shenanigans he’s up to.

As I told you in that latter piece, Tony Palmer is:

a Bishop within the Anglican Episcopal Communion of the CEEC (Celtic Anglican Tradition), and is the Communion’s international Ecumenical Officer.  In his role as Ecumenical Officer, he is also an official member of a Roman Catholic Ecumenical Delegation for Christian Unity and Reconciliation.  (source, bold theirs)

Officially, the CEEC is The Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches; a highly ecumenical group embracing the apostate Roman Catholic Church (RCC) as a Christian denomination and that was supposedly:

birthed as a result of a more general work of the Holy Spirit among the Christian churches which has become known as the “Convergence Movement”, and sometimes referred to as the “Convergence of the Streams” renewal… [and sees the Church as] one river with many streams.

In the 1940’s, the well-known mission pioneer of the union Church of South India, Bishop Leslie Newbigin, wrote a seminal work called “The Household Of God”, examining the spiritual and functional nature of the Lord’s one Church from a missions perspective. His prophetic observation at one point in the book was that the revelation of Scripture in Ephesians 4 is that there is one Body, one Faith, one Lord, one Spirit, one Baptism, one hope of our calling, one God and Father of us all.

However, through history this one Body of Christ has been fragmented into separated and often competing groups, camps, or streams, all having been originally a part of the one river of God’s saving grace poured out into the world through the incarnation, life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Newbigin goes on to make a startling statement for his time; that is, that the one Church of Jesus Christ, which has been so fractured by human sin and political/cultural circumstance through history, is by its nature threefold in the spiritual essence of its historical and existential makeup. This threefold nature he describes as being Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox/Pentecostal or charismatic. (source)

As a reader of AM, I believe you’ll find it interesting to note here that it was Leslie Newbigin’s mythology which actually formed the very basis for the so-called Generous Orthodoxy ((McLaren has written: “I see my work very much in line with Newbigin’s. (My The Story We Find Ourselves In, for example, mirrors his telling of the Biblical story quite strongly.)… I can’t think of any of my work that would signal a rejection of Newbigin’s thought.”: accessed 5/15/14.

What follows is Newbigin thought, which McLaren terms a generous orthodoxy: “This faith, as Lesslie Newbigin articulates it, is exclusive (the revelation in Jesus Christ is unique, but not in the sense of denying the possibility of salvation to those outside the Christian faith); inclusive (refusing to limit the saving grace of God to Christians, but not in the sense of viewing other religions as salvific); pluralist (acknowledging the gracious work of God in the lives of all human beings, but not denying the unique and decisive nature of what God has done in Jesus Christ).”:, accessed 5/15/14.)) spread by Living Spiritual Teacher and universalist Brian McLaren, a leading theologian in the Emerging Church. ((A Generous Orthodoxy is the title of McLaren’s seminal book of “confession” of which was said: “[It’s a] manifesto from a senior leader in the emerging church movement… Brian McLaren argues for a post-liberal, post-conservative, post-protestant convergence,…”:, accessed 5/15/14.))

Like I pointed out to you before, Tony Palmer is a notorious charismaniac and the “Bishop” also heads up “an internet-based, Inter-denominational Christian Convergent Community” ((, accessed 5/15/14, bold theirs.)) that’s known as The Order of the Ark Community (TOAC). It’s important to note that Palmer happens to be good friends with Pope Francis. ((And it’s no secret that Pope Francis has been targeting the evangelical community for years now:, accessed 5/15/14.))

And like Francis ((Pope Francis is a Jesuit, a particularly contemplative sect of the Roman Catholic Church founded by the mystic Ignatuis of Loyola. I talked about their origin previously Mark Driscoll and Neo-Reformed New Calvinist Contemplative Spirituality. Ignatuis himself referred to the Jesuits as “contemplatives in action.”:, accessed 5/15/14.)) and Emergent Church guru Brian McLaren, TOAC also embraces corrupt Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism (CSM). You should already be able to see that Palmer’s veered seriously off the track of the historic orthodox Christian faith. This gives us reason to further question the work of James Robison as well.

For you see, Robison’s told us that he’s supported Tony Palmer “in mission outreaches for years.” ((, accessed 5/15/14.)) These are a few of the major figures who are leading The Convergence Movement, whether they personally realize it, or not. ((This movement is seen as a “renewal” of Christianity comprised of three major “streams” within wider Christendom. “Described as the Convergence Movement, or ‘Convergence of the Streams,’ this emerging movement appears to many, both observers and participants, to be another contemporary evidence of God’s continuing activity in history to renew, replenish and unify His people in one heart and purpose in Christ. Arising out of a common desire and hunger to experience the fullness of Christian worship and spirituality, the Convergence Movement (also referred to in the remainder of this article as “CM”) seeks to blend or merge the essential elements in the Christian faith represented historically in three major streams of thought and practice: the Charismatic, Evangelical/Reformed and Liturgical/Sacramental.”:, accessed 5/15/14.)) The fact is, they really do think that they are doing the Lord’s work.

The problem is, these charismaniacs and practitioners of CSM are going by their personal feelings derived when they’re supposedly receiving direct revelations from God; we’re dealing with occulitc doctrine, i.e. deceitful spirits and teachings of demons (1 Timothy 4:1). We’ve now entered times of difficulty (cf. 2 Timothy 3:1).

To give further illustration concerning where we’re headed in the wider visible Christian community, consider the following “from the desk of Steve Shultz” ((, accessed 5/15/14.)) of The Elijah List (EL):

It will, no doubt, be fascinating to most Protestants (and probably Catholics too) who read this, what God is saying through Kim Clement. (source)

Another time, Lord willing, I’m going to have to introduce you further to Shultz, EL, and “Prophet” Kim Clement. For now, here’s what’s important: Steve Shultz is the originator of EL, which supposedly gives “daily prophetic worship and intercessory ‘content’,” ((, accessed 5/15/14.)) largely from the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). ((Although the NAR isn’t really new at all because its roots are in the old Latter Rain cult:, accessed 5/15/14.))

Of the NAR, being considered as part of the charismatic movement, we find that:

New church networks are a worldwide phenomenon. C. Peter Wagner speaks of them as “the new apostolic churches.” Some of their characteristics are charismatic leadership based on proven ministry skills and anointing; vision rather than heritage driven; contemporary worship styles; new prayer forms [including Contemplative/Centering Prayer]; outreach and mission-oriented; openness to supernatural power (The New Apostolic Churches, 18-25). Most networks believe in the restoration of the fivefold ministries of Eph. 4:11. ((“Charismatic Movement,” Stanley M. Burgess, Eduard M. van der Maas, Editors, Ed van der Maas, Author, The New International Dictionary Of Pentecostal And Charismatic Movements [Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2002], p. 503.))

In the book The New Apostolic Churches (TNAC) NAR “Apostle” C. Peter Wagner tells us that he believes, “The New Apostolic Reformation is an extraordinary work of God…that is, to a significant extent, changing the shape of Protestant Christianity around the world. ((C. Peter Wagner, Gen. Ed., The New Apostolic Churches [RegalBooks: Ventura, 1998], 19.)) Wagner informs us further of the full scope of the NAR:

it would be helpful to be aware of the worldwide scope of the movement. For the big Christian picture, I call on David Barrett, editor of the World Christian Encyclopedia and arguably the all-time most thorough statistical researcher of Christianity.

Barrett divides world Christianity into six “megablocks,” equally proportioned between one Catholic megablock and five non-Catholic megablocks. Of the five non-Catholic megablocks, the NAR is the largest. Barrett’s terminology for this megablock is “Independent/Postdenominational/Neo-Apostolic.” It is the only one of all six megablocks growing faster than the world population and faster than Islam.

Among other things, this means that we are not dealing with a splinter group or some inconsequential cult. The NAR, in fact, is the 21st century’s mainstream Christianity. (source)

We see the Church of Rome is a part of the “Christian picture” for Wagner. You also need to know that one of the main dangers of this NAR is it’s doctrine of dominionism. ((Since the focus of this piece is the influence of charismania building a bridge back to full Christian fellowship with the Church of Rome I refer you to What is Dominionism? for a well-documented and detailed look at this insidious doctrine.

Briefly, Dr. Gary Gilley gives us working definition, “Dominion theology (the belief-system behind the reconstructionist movement) teaches that through the coming of Christ the believer has dominion over every area of life. We are now in the Kingdom of God (note the similar view of the Kingdom that the Vineyard movement takes, as well as the plethora of Christian songs being written implying that we are in the Kingdom at the present time) and as a result we should be reigning with Christ over the earth as Rev 5:10 says.” :, accessed 5/15/14.)) For our purposes here, I’ll focus your attention on another clear and present danger with the NAR; this would be its embrace of charismania and CSM.

“Apostle” Wagner is proud to tell us in TNAC that his mentor for helping him “shift into what [he] now calls the spiritual principles of church growth was John Wimber.” ((Op. cit., Wagner, 14, emphasis his; Wimber was one of the founders of the Association of Vineyard Churches and very involved with charismatic excesses and contemplative mysticism.)) In fact, TNAC is dedicated to:

John Wimber (1934-1997) A molder of a generation And a pioneer of the New Apostolic Reformation ((Ibid., dedication page.))

I have gone into all of this re. the NAR because you need to know it to better grasp the implications concerning what NAR charismaniac Kim Clement “prophesied.” It shows you we’re dealing with, not only a serious spiritual deception they think is coming from God, but one that’s now spreading throughout professing Christendom.

On his 4/19/14  From the Den program Clement claims God spoke the below through him:

I speak of the one who calls himself after St. Francis of Assisi.  The Spirit of the Lord spoke for him to come and stand at the head, but this man is not like any other, says the Lord.  This man has been appointed to join the hearts of Protestant faith – Catholic – those who are Spirit-filled.

And I will do something so unique and so different, says the Lord, because of his acknowledgement of My power.  There is a renewal that will take place that will far surpass what took place in the 60’s and in the 70’s.  My Spirit will not be confined; neither will it be arrested only for one or two groups of people. (source)

So, here we have this call for unity with the RCC coming from an NAR “prophet” in yet another sector of the charismatic community. ((The sectors appear to be more aligned than we have imagined; especially considering the names comprising this “Charismatic Leaders Council”:, accessed 5/15/14. You might also recall that a couple of months ago I showed you that we’ve already heard it coming from SBC-promoted evangelical charismaniac Beth Moore as this call for unity is the corrupt heart of the Future Outpouring “Prophecy” of Beth Moore. Other mainstream charismatics are calling it a coming “second Pentecostal outpouring”:, accessed 5/15/14. )) Now you’ve been placed upon the battlefield in a spot for you to deal with the powerful delusions you’re about to encounter in following articles concerning the Pope’s dupe Tony Palmer.

Next time I’ll bring you a video clip containing the introduction to a new video, which features Palmer and his good friend and spiritual father/mentor, Pope Francis. It’s entitled The Official Video: Miracle of Unity Has Begun. Before I show it to you I’m going to interact a bit with the transcription that will follow after the clip itself.

This way, you’ll have the rest of the story you’ll need to help you see through the distortions put forth by Tony Palmer. Lord willing, after that we’ll then look at Palmer’s message itself, as well as that of the Pope. The Pope’s part was originally played at Kenneth Copeland’s annual Ministers Conference on January 21st of this year.

You may recall that Copeland warmly received the Pope’s video message seeking “Christian” unity; in fact, he even posted it at his own You Tube site saying he “was blessed to receive” it. ((, accessed 5/15/14.)) What you need to be aware here is that Kenneth Copeland is the successor to the late Kenneth Hagin as reigning king of the Word Faith movement. ((, accessed 5/15/14.))

For the WF charismaniac Copleand to place his blessing upon the Pope’s call to the charismatic community will have far-reaching consequences as to how quickly the entire WF camp fully embraces the apostate Church of Rome as a Christian denomination. ((As I said the other day in Rick Warren Endorsing Catholics Come Home, it’s only a matter of time before we’ll see this become a real crusade for other WF royalty like T.D. Jakes and his good friend Joel Osteen. I would also offer that we can expect the same from more mainstream evangelical charismaniacs in the Purpose Driven/Seeker Driven community as they follow the lead of their own PDL Pope Rick Warren. He’s embraced the RCC as a Christian denomination for years now, e.g. see my 2011 article Rick Warren And Teachings Of Demons.

There you’ll see his apostasy regarding Rome even included a section of his Purpose Driven website dated as far back as 2005 called Purpose Driven Catholics. Though it since vanished without explanation, it originally extended from Purpose Driven Denominations that even featured Helpful Links, which took those who clicked on it to pro-Roman Catholic sources.)) Actually, much of that hyper-charismatic crowd already did so long ago.

The bottom line here is: We would expect those who’re wrapped up in CSM, which is really Roman Catholic mysticism for evangelicals, to be sinfully ecumenical. However, now this apostasy is being spread throughout the entire of the charismatic community by various sectors of charismaniacs deluded by deceitful spirits.

As we turn to the video clip from Tony Palmer next time, you’ll be able to see some of the arguments that charismaniacs are using to advance their apostasy. As Palmer goes along, I’ll correct his historical inaccuracies and give you some ideas about how to refute the antibiblical mythology twisted into the truth by satanic forces.

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