Apprising Ministries has brought to your attention that within wider evangelicalism there does seem to be a mainstreaming of New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) false Apostle-ProphetMike Bickle ((, accessed 1/23/14.)) and his spiritually corrupt International House of Prayer (IHOP).

Now before you’re tempted to simply shrug off NAR luminaries like Bickle, and the IHOP movement birthed by him, as insignificant and merely kooky I ask you to consider that back on December 30th of last year Francis Chan Declares “I Love Mike Bickle Of IHOP” while standing in IHOP.

Specifically Chan would gush before them:

I go, man, there’s a lot of great things going on [at IHOP]. And today was the first time I ever met Mike Bickle. And, I love that guy. I do. And Mike knows—we talked about this—you know, there’s people who told me not to hang out with him.

Like, you know, words like “creepy” came up. And yet, I get to know this guy and I’m going, “Man, I love his heart. And I just want to publicly say I love Mike Bickle.

Lord willing, another time we’ll come back to Bickle himself; however, form the above it’s crystal clear that Francis Chan—very influential e.g. among young mainstream evangelicals—has now endorsed Bickle and told us he thinks “great things are happening at IHOP.

You might also remember that only a few days later, in Dr. Michael Brown Says Friends Mike Bickle And Lou Engle “, I showed you that this well-respected charismatic theologian and host of The Line of Fire radio program is quite close with those two prominent NAR leaders.

Then just a couple days after that we would see John Piper And Stephen Venable Of IHOP Together At Linger Conference. Therein I told you Venable is as dedicated to IHOP as it gets; he is an instructor at IHOP University and part of the senior leadership team of its ACTS organization,

A quick side note; as of this writing Stephen Venable no longer appears on the Speakers List or Schedule of that Linger Conference. Even so, as IHOP and NAR leaders become more prominent within mainstream evangelicalism, you’ll need to come to grips with their domnionism. ((For in-depth discussion see What Is Dominionism?))

So, to understand the dangers concerning this dominionism at the rotten root of NAR eschatology I’m presenting the following video clips below from Dr. Martin Erdmann of the Verax Institute.This begins to give us good working knowledge about dominionism, which is:

the erroneous belief that Christians have a mandate to build the “kingdom of God” on earth, restoring paradise, by progressively and supernaturally transforming themselves and others as well as all societal institutions through subduing and ruling the earth by whatever means possible, including using technology, science and psycho-social engineering; and then and only then will a “Christ” manifest his presence on earth. (source)

1—What Is Dominionsim?

2—Bypassing the Cross

3—Old Testament exaggerated

4—Gospel of the Kingdom

5—God’s Sovereignty insufficient

6—Church confused with Nation

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