I have kept thy precepts and thy testimonies: for all my ways are before thee. (Psalm 119:168)

O that every Christian were altogether and evermore obedient to heavenly rule. As the planet revolves undeviatingly in its orbit, because with the law imposed upon it there has come forth a constraining and impelling force, so may we also pursue our course of duty.

Let us do so because we not only have heard the divine precept, but feel the sacred energy of the Holy Spirit leading us in the prescribed path.

Brethren, how safe we feel, and how happy in our consciences, if we are certain that we have the authority of the Great King for all our actions!

The business of a Christian upon the earth is not an independent one; he is not acting on his own account, but he is a steward for Christ.

Now, if we serve ourselves or the world, we must take the consequences of our unfaithfulness, but if we honestly serve the Lord, all is clear.

A Christian can say concerning any course of conduct, ” I am bidden to do this by Christ Jesus my Lord; I can find chapter and verse to authorize my acts.”

He can feel he is working for Christ and not for himself, with a single eye to the glory of God and not with sinister aims and selfish motives, and so he treads on as on a rock and defies the censures of his enemies.

When positive duty is concerned, your language will be, “This action I find that I must do, for I see an express command for it, and therefore it shall be done; be it difficult, it shall be achieved; be it impossible, I will wait on him who enables faith to remove mountains.”1

Charles Spurgeon

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