As you probably know by now I’m still recovering from the spinal infection Osteomyelitis, Discitis, which had hospitalized me for a good three months.

We remain deeply grateful for all of your prayer and support. It is greatly appreciated because I’m convinced that without it I simply would not be here.

As I said before, I am doing my best to research, write, and put new content on the website. And even though I am home from the hospital, I still have a long uphill climb before I’m recovered.

In closing, like most ministries, donations are way down after the slow summer season. It’s become a real concern because we also face a six figure debt with doctor’s bills, the hospital, etc.

Receiving no support from any churches or denominations, we do hope you will keep in mind that a ministry like this does rely solely upon the generosity of God’s people for it’s support.

So if you would like to help us out in this time of need, your prayer and financial support would be deeply appreciated. If you feel so led, you may donate via PayPal by clicking here.

Or, you can make your checks/money orders payable to Connecticut River Baptist Church with Apprising Ministries in the memo and send them to:

Connecticut River Baptist Church
P.O. Box 340
Claremont, NH 03743

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