Apprising Ministries has been a leading voice exposing the extreme dangers posed by the Emerging Church, also known as the Emergent Church, which slithered out into view in the late ’90s.

I warned that it had as a core doctrine Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism (CSM) as taught by key EC mentors Living Spiritual Teacher and Quaker mystic Richard Foster and his spiritual twin Dallas Willard.

EC leader Brian McLaren would admit this in a Christianity Today article “The Emergent Mystique” in November 2004 ((, accessed 8/26/13.)) Sadly, mainstream evangelicalism made the sorry mistake of embracing the EC and its CSM.

This repackaged Roman Catholic mysticism has now become a huge fad that’s even made its way into Reformed circles evidenced e.g. by The Gospel Coalition And Trevin Wax Now Recommending Richard Rohr?

Therein you’ll see Living Spiritual Teacher and Roman Catholic mystic Richard Rohr appealed to a positive manner in You Are Not Called to Be the Lone Ranger, a July 31, 2012 piece by guest poster Chris De Man.

It appears pretty clear that Trevin Wax has no problem with this because he drew attention to it by tweeting it out the day it appeared; and of this writing, De Man’s article is still there at TGC blog of Trevin Wax.

However, you need know that Richard Rohr is a close friend of fellow Red Letter Christian Brian McLaren and a most notorious CSM guru. In addition Rohr’s practice of CSM has made him a Christian Universalist.

There can also be no doubt that CSM played a huge part in Richard Rohr’s disciple Rob Bell forming his own version of Christian universalism, which he would then argue for in his Love Wins mythology.

Well, from years of studying mysticism I can tell you that the delusions of CSM begin by causing its partitioners to downplay doctrine and then inevitably leads those who persist in it to a denial of the Gospel itself.

Now you should understand why today we’re witnessing what amounts to a reversal of the Reformation and watching leading evangelicals embrace Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches as Christian.

It’s against this backdrop that I’ll remind you the intro for this video below tells us that Eastern Orthodoxy:

needs to be addressed on the media. This is clearly done in this program as Richard Bennett interviews Stuart Quint.

Photos and graphics of Orthodox churches and personages are inserted.

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