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For years there has been a discussion among missiologists and linguists concerning the proper translation of certain biblical passages into various languages in the entire world. Now, with the Fairy Godmother Bible, translation adapts to every culture and time period in the history of the world!

This mythological Bible is truly universal in its scope, adaptable for all people groups on earth. Borrowing heavily from Jungian archetypes, this storybook Bible is contextualized to every known fairy tale, legend, myth, hallucination, folklore, vision, prophecy and science fiction throughout human history.

Developed with state-of-the-art world-changing dynamic equivalencies, The Fairy Godmother Bible is based on a computerized model of all mythological legends throughout the past five millennia on planet Earth.

No more Textus Receptus!

Recent archaeological, theological, fictional, scientific and linguistic discoveries are applied to passages traditionally difficult to understand. Incorporated into the new Fairy Godmother Bible translation are new stories from such diverse cross-cultural and mystically significant sacred texts as:

Ancient and modern apocryphal, pseudepigraphical and Gnostic writings; ancient and modern mythologies, folklore and legends; astrological and zodiacal imagery; science fiction (UFOs, alien visitations, etc.); magical and alchemical writings; Jungian archetypes; dreams and visions; utopian apocalyptic destinies; anthropological, sociological and philosophical writings; scientific and pseudo-scientific theories; the writings of various mystics; oracles and ghost stories of spiritualism; New Age pop culture urban legends; the Mayan calendar; Masonic lore; inspirational literature; modern speculative writings; old-fashioned fairy tales, postmodern poetry, and the entire spectrum of modern fantasy fiction.

Codes Are Cracked! Secrets are Unlocked!

New Discoveries –  by elite experts appearing on the Discovery and History Channels, as well as Coast to Coast radio, shed light on ancient codes and to unlock their formulas! Embedded in the text of the Fairy Godmother Bible are secret meanings hidden beneath the plain linguistic, grammatical and historical sense of Holy Scripture! No more boring Bible! This new expanded version is highly imaginative and intoxicating!

New Revelation – based on the latest archeological diggings and freemasonic mathematical codes. The hidden wonders of the Great Pyramid in Egypt reveal brand new bible prophecy! These prophecies have now been officially decoded and are included in the Fairy Godmother Bible!

Exclusive Mysteries Unveiled – that have never before been published. These new eschatologies have been decoded by elite experts who are graduates of the exclusive Diplomamill University based in Outer Limits, LA. These highly-trained and well-credentialed theologians possess the unique mathematical, scientific and prophetic genius to interpret these mysterious endtime prophecies.

Raiders of the Lost Ark!

Yes! It is true! The legend of the Lost Ark is included in the Fairy Godmother Bible! Using the Bible used as a divining device, future events have now been foretold by employing various methods of crypto-analysis. Previously hidden magic formulas, mystical calculations, occult keys, hidden devices and secret signals now indicate where the Lost Ark has been hiding all of this time! The End Days are here! Are you ready?

Read the Fairy Godmother Bible to find out these incredible hidden secrets!

The Fairy Godmother Bible includes important Textual Commentaries by Leading Scholars:

  • Analyzing the Secret Methods of The 3 Little Pigs and How They Blew the House Down
  • Will the Final World Dictator be a Mutant Troll?
  • How to Bring Mummies Back From the Dead
  • Little Bo Peep and Her Genetically Modified Trans-Alien Sheep
  • Little Red Riding Hood the Communist Plot to Transmogrify Elderly Grandmothers
  • The 1982 Poltergeist movie and its Eschatological Message, “They’re Here!”
  • The Secret Hybridization of The Three Billy Goats Gruff
  • The Resurrection of Rapunzel, the Hairy Goddess of Ancient Babylon!
  • Unlocking the Divine Destiny of the Princess and the Pea
  • Did Eve Secretly Eat One of the Golden Apples?
  • Goldilocks: How She Secretly Used Transhumanism to Create the Seven Dwarves!
  • Space Aliens and Ancient Dragons: How Reptilian Monsters Create Chaos in the Cosmos
  • Chicken Little’s Capricorn Caprice – Ancient Astrological Facts About the Sky Falling!
  • Princess: Don’t Kiss That Frog! – Warnings Concerning Serious Genetic Contamination!
  • Jack Climbs the Beanstalk and Discovers Mutant Ninja Nephilim Warrior Giants!
  • The Pied Piper Discloses His UFO Encounter
  • Hansel & Gretel Get Abducted by Space Aliens!
  • Chariots of the Gods Travel Through Forbidden Portal Gates Into the Days of Noah
  • Was Bigfoot on Noah’s Ark?


Bold new prophecies go where no man has gone before. The EXCLUSIVE Prophecies in The Fairy Godmother Bible are based on documentary evidence exploring ancient books of the Bible in the context of cross-cultural mythology. Many scholars and theologians have examined these prophecies before, but never have they been “revealed” to an audience in quite this way before.

The Fairy Godmother Bible was developed by a team of Bible-believing scholars and scientists who were seeking answers in this ever-changing world. This bible is based on the belief that many of humankind’s answers can be found through the exploration of Scripture accompanied by mythological texts that can illuminate its real meaning. Modern Archetypes and Hollywood Images are brought to bear on sacred secrets, divining new eschatological information.

The Fairy Godmother Bible features interviews with prophecy experts, as well as interactive charts and diagrams. This bible will bring forth the world’s true destiny. People from across the planet will be encouraged to go back in time so they can discover that there was a hidden plan set forth for all of us long ago. This plan can only be decoded now – in our more perfect era of enlightenment.

Use the handy formulas in the Fairy Godmother Bible as a key resource for decoding your secret destiny!

Published by Emergent Cosmos, Inc.

Sold exclusively through Domergent Enterprises

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