As this online apologetics and discernment ministry (OADM) Apprising Ministries continues monitoring Intel along the Internet front of this war against error it’s impossible not to notice a New Downgrade No Controversy.

Briefly, what I mean by the term is first of all an attempt to harken the Christian back to what became known as the Downgrade Controversy. In a nutshell, this involved Charles Spurgeon and his battle against  liberalism.

Today in the heart of the Christian community we see a new form of liberalism advancing deeply into mainstream evangelical territory. Instead of marshalling a fight, tragically, we’re actually witnessing its leaders embracing it.

Hence the New Downgrade has no controversy; rather e.g., we’ve witnessed James MacDonald use his Elephant Room 2, which he convened with his co-host Mark Driscoll, to mainstream reputed modalist T.D. Jakes.

If anything illustrates the generation in which we now live it would be a bowl of Jell-O; sweet, but with no real substance. Hence we’re witnessing a growing syncretism slithering throughout the visible church.

A syncretism so broad that now we see things like Leading Southern baptist Attempting To Reverse The Protestant Reformation and Louie Giglio, Passion 2013, And Jesus Culture. With this in mind I now point you to:

Today we were blessed to interview Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries and Pastor of Conneticut River Baptist Church Claremont, New Hampshire.

Today Ken will give us some background on how Apprising Ministries got started, comment on modern day christian worship, the emergent church’s impact on today’s church, the connection b/w the word faith / seeker driven movement among many other topics.

We hope you are blessed, let’s listen in.

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