As an online apologetics and discernment ministry (OADM), during this time infected with the false philosophy of postmodernism, our work at Apprising Ministries is not only defending the historic orthodox Christan faith but also bringing to light the slide of the visible church into apostasy.

In John Piper, Rick Warren & Foster-Willardism I reminded you that sadly, we’re watching the Reformation being undone as more and more people embrace corrupt Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism (CSM); particularly within the sinfully ecumenical neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Churchaka the Emerging Church.

As a result, one of the trends developing as the above happens is a neo-reformed New Calvinism, which I touched upon e.g. in Mark Driscoll And Neo-Reformed New Calvinist Contemplative Spirituality. You should be able to see that this is a postmodern Calvinism with some Reformation theology and Counter Reformation spirituality.

From previous AM posts such as Acts 29 Network And Reformed Counter Reformation Spirituality? and Acts 29 Pastor Matt Chandler On Being A Reformed Charismatic, there’s very good reason for concern as these people are rapidly growing in popularity, and in influence within the younger sector of the Reformed Camp.

Such as these gained great credibility being blessed as they are by Dr. John Piper, who’s seen as a mentor and even a “pioneer” of this New Calvinism. ((, accessed 11/27/12.)) The same thing has happened with Rick Warren, General of the Seeker Driven Army, since Piper asked him to be a keynote speaker for the Desiring God Conference 2010.

Against this curious backdrop I point you to John Piper’s Desiring God website and:


Lord willing, another time we can talk further about the speakers for this DG conference, but here I draw your attention to one in particular:


As you can see below, Koleoso is “lead pastor” of Jubilee Church London, which meets at Enfield Cineworld:


I was on the homepage of the church Koleoso leads for less than two minutes when the rolling scroll there stopped upon the below:

You can see that The Alpha Course (TAC) is “run by Jubilee Church” during midweek and when we click on the link we find Koleoos’s church clearly promote this sinfully ecumenical course:


I recently showed you via Christian Research Network associate editor Erin Benziger in The Alpha Course Receives Praise From Moody Radio’s Janet Parshall that TAC is currently starting to spread within largely pretending to be Protestant evangelical community.

However, as Benziger brings out in her The Ecumenical Compromise of the Alpha Course:

CRN has been informed by a leader within Alpha for Catholics that, “It is not necessary to change the Alpha course for Catholics.” Unfortunately, this is greater cause for concern because examination of some of the core doctrines of the RCC demonstrates that it actually teaches much that is contrary to biblical Christianity. How then can the two be compatible? In the quote above, Nicky Gumbel noted that, “In Alpha, we stick to the foundational pieces of the Christian faith we all agree upon: Jesus, the cross, the resurrection, the Bible, prayer. What unites us is infinitely greater than what divides us.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Gumbel has made a grievous and erroneous statement here, for what divides the Roman Catholic Church and orthodox Christianity is the very Gospel itself. SOURCE

Then while highlighting Parshall’s outright endorsement of TAC Benziger adds:

While discussing the idea of ecumenism, Long and Parshall never addressed the existence of Alpha for Catholics, a reality which seems to imply that Alpha recognizes Roman Catholicism as a genuine arm of Christianity. (source)

Well, for that matter, we know for certain that Rick Warren—whom John Piper has declared doctrinal and sound— recognizes Roman Catholicism as a genuine expression of the Christian faith as well, which I documented for you in Rick Warren And Teachings Of Demons. In fact, he’s even given a Roman Catholic Church an award. ((Webpage has since been removed but Apprising Ministries has a copy of it on file.))

As we now take all of this into account, we’re left with a couple of very serious questions. First, can one like Rick Warren who warmly welcomes into Christian fellowship the apostate Roman Catholic Church, which has condemned the Gospel of Jesus Christ itself, truly be considered as someone who is doctrinal and sound?

Secondly, since John Piper said nothing of the the sinful ecumenism of Rick Warren, does he now approve TAC?

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