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Such is the case here. Due to his obviously sincere intentions, I’ve changed the name to protect the author’s privacy:

From: “Howard”
Subject: BGEA on Mormonism

Message Body:

1st, I am a huge fan of your reporting and I find much strength to continue contending for the faith even in the church where I currently serve as an Elder. Eastern spirituality has made enormous inroads into the church and I see it as end times apostasy so again I encourage you to never give up.

I am wondering if you did not understand Franklin’s comments regarding why he didn’t want the word “cult” used. He went ahead and gave a presentation of the gospel on tv that would have been passed over by the likes of Joel O and others.

He clearly stated that he had HUGE differences with not only them but he added Catholics as well without even being asked about them. I think he should be commended for that. Your ministry is viewed by people like me as a good source on the authority of scripture and as such many will follow your lead without much research of their own.

That may not be your fault but I believe you bear responsibility for how you say what you say. I therefore would not want to hurt a ministry that reaches out to millions in the name of Jesus because you wanted it’s leader to use a certain terminology when he already stated that he was not in favor of what was taught by that group.

I hope you understand the friendly intent here. I am not looking to water down truth but rather ask for prayerful examination of the power of words that may result in more harm than you intended. Please continue your exposing of error with my support and appreciation–

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Hello “Howard,”

Thank you for contacting Apprising Ministries. Please know there was no offense taken and I received this as written from a point of sincere concern. I’m responding in the tone of two people talking about issues over coffee. I just put all of this up front due to the coldness of the written language, which lacks the ability to distinguish inflections, etc.

I do appreciate the kind words in the Lord as well. There are some big problems with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, which is why I would not recommend it as a good source. Yes, Franklin did give a Gospel presentation in:


However, BGEA crusades acknowledge the apostate Roman Catholic Church as a part of the Body of Christ. Since as early as 1957 Billy Graham included Roman Catholic Churches in his crusades and those professing to be Roman Catholics are sent to Roman Catholic Churches:


So, while on one hand BGEA preaches the Gospel, on the other hand, they also acknowledge the false gospel of Rome.We need to understand that the Gospel is much more than merely a “huge” area we are free to disagree about; the RCC has condemned the Gospel itself.

I’m afraid that Franklin Graham’s excuse about “name-calling” concerning Mormonism only reveals ignorance on his part. To classify Mormonism as a non-Christan cult is simply to state a fact. To call an individual Mormon a “fool,” or an “idiot,” etc. would be name-calling.

The fact is neither Franklin Graham, or anybody else, is going to “win people to Jesus Christ.” We are to preach the Gospel and then God converts whom He will. With all of this in mind then, know also that the BGEA even gave an award to an obvious Word Faith flake last year as well:


So, I hope you can see that I believe I have very good reason to be critical of BGEA and its CEO Franklin Graham. I’m not necessarily trying to argue these points with you; I am offering this as food for thought.

“Howard,” I pray this helps you see where I’m coming from.

Sincerely in Christ,

Ken Silva, pastor-teacher

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Ezekiel 3:7-14

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