At Apprising Ministries I’ve talked a lot about how a growing syncretism with Word Faith prosperity preaching is receiving a real assist from the emerging ecumenical magisterium springing up around the Elephant Room.

In ER 2, along with his cohost New Calvinist Mark Driscoll, James MacDonald opened the door into the mainstream of evangelicalism for T.D. Jakes; without question one of WF’s most notorious prosperity preachers.

Now there are those who are quite disappointed with the drift of James MacDonald and as I told you in Elephant Room Curator James MacDonald And The Elephant’s trouble has been brewing within his organizations.

I also mentioned that over the past few days a number of sources had sent me the link to The Elephant’s Debt: From Exodus To Jubilee of Scott Bryant and Ryan Mahoney, both former members of MacDonald’s church.

Some lament criticism like this be done privately, but any necessary correction in this case would need to be public because of an important inherent flaw in the cult of celebrity megachurch vision-casting prophet-leaders.

These quasi-prosperity megachurch leaders believe they’ve received direct revelation from God, which they share with their followers via occulitc “vision-casting.” So, to disagree with them is essentially to oppose God Himself.

Well, it now appears that James MacDonald has discovered The Elephant’s Debt, as on their Your Story page we see the following comment:


Notice the claim by the Harvest Bible Church member cited above:

James MacDonald and Rick Donald addressed how two former members of Harvest are slandering the church. My friend, who was there, told me James sorted out truth from lies and how he and Rick did a very good job and all.

When I asked my friend if he could share with me what he was told was true and what was false, my friend replied, “It’s not public information and since you are not a member of the congregation, I can’t share this with you.”

As a pastor-teacher I’ll now remind you of something God has told us:

The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him. (Proverbs 18:17)

My advice is you make the time to examine the documentation for yourself; and know there’s even more to come…

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