Ok, so it’s not strictly exclusive to Apprising Ministries, but work with me here, k. Seriously, this is a Christian Post piece today called Rick Warren: ‘You Can’t Please Everyone’.

In it sinful ecumenicist Southern Baptist and pragmatic people-pleaser Rick Warren actually does a satirical send-up of himself as he pontificates below:

Megachurch Pastor Rick Warren knows he can’t please everyone and he’s completely fine with that. In a recent sermon, he explained why Christians, including himself, can’t be people pleasers because living for God’s approval is more important than popularity.

Although the “desire to get approval from other people is not a bad thing, like all of God’s gifts, what is a legitimate need in your life can be misused,” said Warren, during last weekend’s sermon, “You Can’t Please Everyone,” at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif.

“One day I will have to give an account of my life to God and that is an antidote (for everyone) for people-pleasing,” he said. “You will find yourself in a situation where you have to ask, ‘Am I going to please God or am I going to please this person?'” (source)

Hello, Mr. Warren; phone call on line 2. It’s a Mr. Reality; something about you have apparently now left him…

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