By Stephen M

“For the time will come when they will not endure the sound doctrine; but, having itching ears, will heap to themselves teachers after their own lusts;”  2 Timothy 4:3

Twist, stretch and reform seems to be how many churches and leaders are treating the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The truth doesn’t matter anymore. What matters now, is showmanship and appeasing crowds through the use of big shows and less preaching. When preaching does happen, it is mainly about how you can be rich and get God’s blessing to have a big house and car now.

Eternity, well, who needs that right now when you can have your best life this very instant. The doctrines of hell, salvation and grace are being swept under the rug. Secular views and political correct have slithered their way in over the threshold as pastors seek to become the celebrity these days. Walk into a Christian bookstore and you’ll find books upon books about how to have a better life now, the Bibles, Word of God sits on the back shelves,collecting dust. This is but the world we live in. The Gospel, the piercing word that illuminates darkness has been watered down into what I call the Gumby Gospel.

The time has been and come where men and women do not want to endure sound doctrine. Instead, people want things now, miracles, big lives and a best life now. No one wants to hear about hell or the consequences of sin. For these important doctrines have been twisted by many leaders who call themselves Christians. These leaders pander to the world. They criticize people who discern the truth and embarrass them publicly because of their desire to seek the truth.

These leaders proclaim to be preachers of the word but they are nothing more than snakes spewing venom, a venom that destroys the congregations and open the door for the world to enter the threshold. My friends, it is only time, a short time before the Lord comes back. I know not the day or hour, but I am in faith it will be in my life time.

The battle for any Christian is remaining true to the words of our Lord and Savior. We are told to endure and wait for the return of our Lord. We are as soldiers, told to sound the alarm when false teaching comes along, so that others may not fall to their vicious sting of lies. Yes, for those who discern and remain faithful to Christ and to His word, scorn will fall upon you and I for standing for truth. Yes, persecution will follow but I tell you we must remain concrete and stand firm to the Biblical doctrines set forth by almighty God. His words will remain forever as this world fades away under the fervent fiery judgement of the almighty God.

Live for Christ and live for eternity my friends. For this world will fall and be no more. Where will you stand, when you are in presence of the almighty God? Will you be separated from God for eternity or will you be welcomed into His kingdom? Do not wait, for our time is limited and God, our Father will can return at any time. Beware of false doctrine. Stand firm in the faith. Endure and be assured through the words of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

God Speed.

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