As I’ve pointed out before here at Apprising Ministries, there’s a very specific reason why the Lord moved me to begin covering the issue of a growing acceptance within evangelicalism that the deviant and sinful lifestyle of having sexual relations with another of the same sex, i.e homosexuality, is a viable one for the regenerated Christian.

Now for those who may be familiar with fire bases in Vietnam, which were temporary artillery encampments there to provide fire support and quarters for ground operations near the front lines, in the dark of night there were many times enemy forces would try and move in for a sneak attack.

So periodically flares were shot high above the area to light up the night sky in order to monitor any possible movement of enemy troops. And even in this spiritual war Satan’s seducing spirits sneak around in the darkness with their didaskaliais daimonion (doctrines of demons).

Well, I’m using the issue of homosexuality to light up the sky with the Word of God to give you a chance to see the wide advance of the sinfully ecumenical Emergent Church aka the Emerging Church—which is a cult of neo-liberalism now firmly entrenched within mainstream of the visible church.

Satan established as its primary goal to attack the proper Christian spirituality of sola Scriptura and put in its place corrupt Counter Reformation Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism (CSM), masquerading as spurious Spiritual Formation ala Living Spiritual Teacher and Quaker mystic Richard Foster and his spiritual twin Dallas Willard.\

With CSM having seriously infected the younger sectors of the mainstream of the church visible—which is evidenced e.g. by Southern Baptists Assist The Roman Catholic Church To Infiltrate Evangelicalism and Under God Indivisible And Joined With Apostates, you will see in coming months devastating consequences lay dead ahead.

For now though, leaving all seriousness aside, it seemed we should point you to the following rather risible report:

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