Unfortunately the spiritually obtuse seem to think the sinfully ecumenical neo-liberal cult operating within the Emergent Church aka the Emerging Church is dead. However, what Apprising Ministries has been documenting for you right along is that we’ve now witnessed an upgrade to the Emerging Church 2.0.

The fact is, the EC claims its “big tent” postmodern Progressive Christianity, which they refer to as Emergence Christianity, is the historic Gospel of Jesus Christ bringing His kingdom to the earth now. This becomes possible in their minds when we consider that the flawed philosophy of postmodernism is known for paradoxes and its irrational philosophy.

So essentially we end up in a whacked Wonderland of Humpty Dumpty language, which is why corrupt Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism (CSM) is so appealing to these postmodern liberals in the Emerging Church. You might recall I’ve covered these subjects in more depth elsewhere, e.g. in Mysticism And Postmodernism, The Emerging Church, And Evangelicalism,

Here I’ll just remind you that mysticism is perfectly suited to the philosophy of postmoderism that now dominates much of this caprious culture in which we find ourselves. It’s from this vantage point on the battlefield that you can better see what’s going on as I point you to the below tweet:


Now, if you didn’t know the “Wild Goose” reference has a double meaning; first, apostate Celtic Christianity refers to the Holy Spirit as an Geadh-Glas, the Wild Goose, and “teaches that the Holy Spirit is the representative of God’s femininity.” (( That’s why you’ll so often see these rebels against the authority of God Word refer to Him as…um…her.

Secondly, it’s the name of an Emerging Church apostasia-palooza called the Wild Goose Festival (WGF), which has just kicked off today. And as I said before, the wise Christian will have nothing to do with these neo-Gnostic fools who’ve unbuckled themselves from the Word of God and have embarked upon their Wild Goose Chase of subjective experience.

For you see, with nothing to ground them and with no gravity, they will only continue to drift deeper and deeper into spiritual outer space. In fact, the WGF promo video below does a good job in showing you just how far they’ve already drifted. A final note; from what I see, apparently God’s kingdom looks a lot like some bad outtakes from the cutting floor of the 1970 movie Woodstock:

[mejsvideo src=”″ width=640 height=360]

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