EVANGELEPHANT [[ih-van-jel’uh-fuhnt]

[evangel: 1300–50; Middle English  < 1585–95;  < Late Latin evangelus  < Greek euángelos  (adj.) bringing good news. (see eu-, angel); replacing Middle English evangile  < Middle French.] [c.1300, olyfaunt, from O.Fr. oliphant, from L. elephantus, from Gk. elephas (gen. elephantos) “elephant, ivory,” probably from a non-I.E. language, likely via Phoenician (cf. Hamitic elu “elephant,” source of the word for it in many Sem. languages, or possibly from Skt. ibhah “elephant”)] [Literal: evangelical elephant]

    1. A self-professing evangelical who, above all others, feels called of God to be among the very few Christians who are to demonstrate for the Body of Christ how the Christian faith is really supposed to be lived out, but independent of solid biblical Truth.
    2. A self-professing evangelical who does everything to avoid open and forthright acknowledgement, proclamation, profession or promulgation of the Gospel of Salvation.
    3. An evangelical person who, when faced with the very obvious Gospel Truth of Scripture, does not discuss nor address this topic, but rather ignores, camouflages, rearranges, sidetracks, beats around the bush, diverts, or otherwise avoids the evidence, in an attempt to change the agenda to one that is self-seeking or self-serving.
    4. An emerging evangelical who is intent on ignoring the biblical Gospel through inventive plans of deconstruction that bypass, obstruct, redefine, reformulate and reconstruct the message, especially in order to make it more culturally relevant.
    5. An evangelical person, leader, organization or group that engages in the any of the above, especially including the systemic denial of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by either their actions or stated beliefs, especially in order to promulgate and profit from a new gospel.
    6. An evangelical who seeks to avoid any controversy that can be associated with acknowledging factual and/or Gospel Truth. (See: Evangostrich)

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Combination of the concept of  The Elephant in the Room and The Elephant Room 

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