The non-denominational outreach Apprising Ministries was blessed to have been a leader among soldiers against error who have pioneered the mission field of online apologetics and discernment ministry.

It’s been a great run and I remain thankful to have had this time thus far despite the often harsh criticism. Sadly, the downgrade of the Christian community has now caused works like this to also take much friendly fire.

As spiritual darkness spreads postmodernism has made this a rather gelatinous generation scared of its own spiritual shadows and terrified to make theological stands. Instead its bought into a false dichotomy perpetrated by the neo-liberal cult operating within the Emerging Church.

Satan has used these minions of his to convince people that doctrine really doesn’t matter that much if you “love” Jesus. However, as Jesus clearly told us, salvation does involve what one believes:

“I told you that you would die in your sins, for unless you believe that I am he you will die in your sins.” (John 8:24)

Now during this time where deceitful spirits roam within the church visible spreading their teachings of demons God is using the Internet much like He did the printing press to spread His truth. And part of that truth is: Satan has been attacking areas of doctrine that will quickly cause much confusion.

One recent example is the cardinal doctrine of the Holy Trinity, which now must be defended as you’ll see in James MacDonald, T.D. Jakes & The Trinity. It’s important work for me to keep you apprised of these trends here at AM. However, you need to remember that its far from all I do in ministry each.

Following the Lord’s instruction in Matthew 6 I don’t talk of these other things very often; but here I will as a way to give thanks, and prayerfully, to offer encouragement to faithful supporters. Many evangelical churches and denominations are as apostate right now as when Martin Luther stood hammer in hand.

Virtually every day I receive letters from people heartbroken over how their local churches are compromising and how they are treated when they try to offer Biblical criticism to their pastors and leadership. Just the same as those of us in this ministry field, they’re immediately brushed off and branded haters.

So as a pastor-teacher a lot of my time at AM is spent answering questions, researching information for them, and offering pastoral counsel. It’s my undeserved privilege to serve the Lord’s people. That noted, still unlike e.g. a lawyer I don’t have the option of charging for the hours involved in these activities.

If people don’t choose to offer financial support for works like this, then we won’t be here. This is not a complaint, it’s merely stating a fact. Even so, I wouldn’t trade the satisfaction in the Lord to minister to people quite literally from all over the world. Like the hour I spent on the phone late last Saturday night.

How amazing that the pastor of a small church in rural New Hampshire would receive a call from someone on the other side of the world in Azerbaijan. This believer was concerned about a couple of issues and I was afforded the opportunity to preach the Gospel of repentance and forgiveness of sins in Jesus’ Name to them.

This is the kind of thing your faithful financial support is allowing me to do. Perhaps you’ve been blessed through the work here and maybe you might consider helping to support this labor in the Lord. A gift of any amount—whether one time or on a regular basis—goes a long way toward helping to keep AM available.

If you’d like to donate via PayPal you may click here; or you can make your checks/money orders payable to Connecticut River Baptist Church with Apprising Ministries in the memo and send them to:

Connecticut River Baptist Church
P.O. Box 340
Claremont, NH 03743

In closing this, for now, I’ll leave you with another testimony of how God is using this work. The following is presented with permission:

roughly two years ago you commented on my blog, Jesus in Shantytown. what you said to me hurt and made me cry for an entire day (i am the one who was writing a book about unity and had interviewed brian mclaren, rob bell, shane claiborne, etc.)

i had no idea that i had veered off course and was in very dangerous water. the Lord used you to veer me back to His Word. thank you for speaking the harsh truth to me. i am now a watchman on the wall, if you will, and can sniff out a heretic from a mile away.

thank you for what you do. thank you, thank you, a hundred times thank you. my life has truly been changed and i am no longer leaning on my own understanding or created image of God.

in Christ,
mandie oliver

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