Apprising Ministries is an online apologetics and discernment labor in the Lord apprising you concerning 1 Peter 4:17 judgments Jesus is sending upon His church visible allowing apostasy to spread throughout mainstream evangelicalism.

I’m warning you to brace for a tsunami of apostasy likely to hit first when the aggressive pro-homosexual agenda launches a full-on assault upon evangelicalism because they know its leaders are way too timid to stand up to them.

That’s why I recently covered Miley Cyrus And Gay Marriage, which I took flak for doing. Let me explain something; I don’t personally consider Cyrus and Heidi Montag to be genuine Christians.

However, 1) they themselves do profess to be, 2) many people do consider them such, and 3) this is a good example of the pro-gay evangelical witness among celebrities.

It’s also a vivid picture of where much of the younger sectors of evangelicalism already stands. For example, we’ll consider the Emerging Church of apostate universalist “pastor” Doug Pagitt.

You’ll see in Doug Pagitt And Homosexual Sin that his Solomon’s Porch, where equally heretical Dr. Tony Jones is the progressive “theologian in residence,” indeed Solomon’s Porch Affirms Homosexual Sin.

The neo-liberal cult of Emergence Christianity operating within the Emerging Church is aggressively trying to make the deviant lifestyle of unrepentant homosexuality acceptable even for a Christian.

With this in mind, I point you to the fine work Gay Christian Movement Watch and Gay churchfest features ‘Sunday Best’ winner LeAndria Johnson. We’re informed:

If you are a gospel music idol worshipper, you won’t like this. If you are one of those deceived false converts who believe homosexuals have place in God’s house, you won’t like this either. And finally if you are a fearful of standing for holiness, you definitely won’t like this. Perhaps at this point, you should just exit this story. Despite all the feel good goobley-gook that is called preaching in the contemporary church, GCM Watch apologetically holds up God’s standard. Let God be true and every man a liar.

The homosexual churchfest is back in the spotlight. Each year, you can count on some misguided gospel industry worker to show up to collect a check “minister”…

In short, the storyline goes like this: the gay church people wave money but obfuscate their real agenda. Gospel music industry booking agents, hungry to keep their client in the spotlight and get paid, grab the gay church money. No mention of gay church appearances is made on client’s website. When GCM Watch shines attention on the dirty deeds, managers claim ignorance, gospel music industry workers claim ignorance or feign “ministry”. Gay church stands by and snicker like alley cats. And around and around we go with all the gay church-gospel music drama.

So, here we are again.

We can now add LeAndria Johnson to the list of the fallen ones. Johnson is the “Season 3″ winner of BET’s top money making gospel blackface show Sunday’s Best. Johnson is the second winner of the show to matriculate into the gay churchworld. But is that any surprise that SB is cranking out gay church performers?…

Leandria Johnson performed at TD Jakes so-called leadership conference in March. She also performed at Dorinda Clark Cole’s music conference. If we really want to know why homosexuality and the spirit of perversion is so strong in the church, the blame is squarely at the feet of so called leaders who have opened the doors of God’s house of prayer and made it into a den of sexual perversion.

And when you buy their music and attend their concerts, you by proxy, endorse their sins… (Online source)

You can read this piece from GCMW in its entirety right here.

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