Apprising Ministries points you to a disturbing story at the Crosstalk Blog, which has now been updated by Ingrid Schlueter. In the original post she gave the link to “listen to the prayer at Harambee Church in Renton, Washington back in March.”

Schlueter then tells us:

The sound of the Islamic call to prayer echoed through this Acts 29 Network church at an Interfaith event where participants dialogued about “Jesus.” Harambee Church was so proud of that Muslim call to prayer in their facilities that they posted it on their website. Both Islamic and Christian sides declared the event a “tremendous success.”

The event was coordinated with CAIR, a Hamas front group that has so many links to terrorist individuals, groups and countries that even the FBI will no longer work with them… (Online source)

Now it seems there’s been “a conversation” between Schlueter and “Nick Bogardus who is in charge of media and communications at Mars Hill Church in Seattle.” According to Schlueter:

 He felt that the header on this post that linked Mark Driscoll to Harambee Church’s cooperation with CAIR, the Hamas front group, was inaccurate. I have agreed to change the header. The new header will further clarify that Harambee Church publicly identifies as being part of the Acts 29 Network. The Acts 29 Network lists its founder and “lead visionary” as none other than Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church. While Nick Bogardus disclaimed any involvement of Harambee Church with Mars Hill and Mark Driscoll (he said in an email that “Mark Driscoll did not plant that church”, the claim is puzzling in that the following was posted on their own Mars Hill Church blog:

“Mike Gunn was a pastor at Mars Hill Church who was sent out to plant Harambee Church in Renton, Washington, through Acts 29. In addition to serving as lead pastor at Harambee, he is actively leading Acts 29’s international movement.”

The pastor of Harambee Church is Mike Gunn, former pastor at Driscoll’s Mars Hill and the International Director for the Acts 29 network!… (Online source, emphasis hers)

From what I’ll show you below, it would appear to be indisputable that 1) Mike Gunn has been (is?) intimately involved with both Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church; 2) that Gunn remains involved with Driscoll through Acts 29, and 3) both Acts 29 and Gunn are responsible for Harambee Church.

The following comes from the online encyclopedia

Acts 29`Church Planting Network

Mars Hill Church is home to the Acts 29 headquarters. Acts 29 is a network of pastors from around the nation and world whose dream is to help qualified leaders plant new churches and rejuvenate declining churches…  (Online source)

Founders Mark Driscoll and Lief Moi remain pastors with Mars Hill Church at the Ballard main campus. While co-founder Mike Gunn left in October 2001 to plant Harambee Church in Renton, Washington. Gunn maintains close ties to Mars Hill as the International Director of the Acts 29 Network headquartered at Mars Hill. (Online source)

In addition Schlueter also informs us:

Harambee Church in Renton, Washington was not the only Acts 29 Network church involved in the Interfaith event with CAIR, the Hamas front group. Also at the event was Oikos Fellowship in Bellingham, Washington… (Online source)

And she is right when she says that, “Mark Driscoll needs to make a clear statement regarding his position on Interfaith cooperation with CAIR.” You can read Schlueter’s post in its entirety right here.