Christian Post Guest Columnist Greg Steir checks in with an exceptional piece, which in this time of lusting after phony unity, quite frankly Apprising Ministries is surprised it even got published. Steir speaks of a:

seven week series [that] is built around seven sentences that should start a “fight” when Christians utter them. In other words these are sentences that I believe that we as Christians should stand up against.

Of course when I talk about this “Fight Club for Christians” I’m not talking about flying fists. I’m not even talking about angry screaming, pointing and blog flogging. I’m talking about engaging in real conversation in defense of the truth with gentleness and respect. Our Fight Club doesn’t end in bloody noses but paper cuts…from scouring the pages of Scripture in search of the truth. (Online source)

You can read the entire article by Steir here.

HT: Slice of Laodicea