Apprising Ministries points you to Table Talk and a piece by Harry L. Reeder III that is especially important for younger Christians, which begins:

When I was asked to participate in this column designed for older Christians to share insights and encouragements to younger believers, I had no doubt what issue to address — the Gospel-driven life.

The Gospel of saving grace in Jesus is the foundation, the formation, and the primary motivation for the Christian life.

The Gospel message brings you to Christ as the sure foundation for eternal life. The Gospel message provides direction for the formation of your new life. The Gospel message provides the primary motivation for a maturing life…

Young Christian, the world despises the Gospel in its simplicity and disdains the vessels entrusted to carry and proclaim it. But there is power under the hood. Live the Gospel, believe and preach the whole Gospel — the Gospel blessings that declare who you are in Christ, the Gospel imperatives that call you to your new life for Christ.
(Online source)

You can read this important message in its entirety here.

HT: The Expositor