Steven Furtick is “the Lead Guitarist Pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina” and one of the new breed pastors in the new evangelicalism. Furtick begins his post, “This may be the funnest [sic] line I’ve ever used in preaching. I’ve said it once at Elevation, and once at a friend’s church.”

And what godly wisdom is he boasting of:

“If you get the impression that we’re all about the numbers, let me clarify… Of course we’re all about the numbers. What else would we be all about? The spaghetti supper? To hell with the spaghetti supper. I want to see some changed lives!” (Online source)

Furtick then goes on to say: “If I hear one more blogging wuss complain about how there is too much focus on the numbers in our churches today, I’m going to…well, I’ll just let you check the email inboxes around here for a day.” Well, this “wuss” would like you to know that Furtick might actually need some extra help because right now he’s really stoked about getting ready to kick off a new series with 80’s rock.

After all y’all, remember, it’s all about “the Show.”

HT: Old Truth

And here is Steven Furtick discussing his philosophy on church and the inspiration gleaned from Perry Noble. Dude, prepare to be pumped as this is totally cool–Not: