Expounding on 2 Thessalonians 2:13-14 Spurgeon says:

there seems to be an ongoing prejudice in the human mind against this doctrine, and although most other doctrines will be received by professing Christians, some with caution, others with pleasure, yet this one seems to be most frequently disregarded and discarded. In many of our pulpits, it would be considered a great sin and treason to preach a sermon on “election,” because they could not make “practical” application of the discussion. I believe that they have clearly misjudged the truth of this subject. Whatever God has revealed, He has revealed for a purpose.

There is nothing in Scripture which cannot, under the influence of God’s Spirit, be turned into a practical lesson because, “All Scripture is God- breathed and is useful for teaching,” some purpose of spiritual usefulness. It is true, that it cannot be turned into a lesson on the “freewill” of man, but it can be turned into a practical sermon on the “free grace” of God. And sermons on the “free grace” of God are the best, because they bring the true doctrines of God’s unchanging love to bear upon the hearts of saints and sinners.

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