The Lord be praised for a chance for me to appear on TruNews along with my friend Berit Kjos to discuss Harry Potter, Witchcraft and apostasy within the Christian Church in general.

Please know this is a new program. However, if one is simply looking to hear the discussion concerning Harry Potter, host Rick Wiles begins to introduce the subject of Potter at 25:00 and begins his introduction of Berit Kjos at 28:00.

You can download the program right here. Or simply listen to it right here.

Below you’ll find the lyrics to the song In America I reference within:

There’s something so wrong in America, and I’m not exactly sure what’s wrong;
I only know something’s wrong in America –
She’s coming under judgment before too long.

God have mercy on America, I want to see my children run free;
Lord have mercy on America – and set the captives free…

He’s raised up strong leaders in America, but after it’s all said and done;
Anytime we have great leaders in America –
They wind up on the wrong side of a gun.

God have mercy on America, You shed Your grace on thee;
Lord have mercy on America – and make their blind eyes see…

Something so wrong here in America, somehow we’ve forgotten our place;
Please bring us to our knees in America –
Only then can we seek Your face.

God have mercy on America, please shed You grace on thee;
Lord have mercy on America – see Your children run free.
Jesus, please save America – help us return to Thee…

Jesus please save America, home of the brave and land of the free;
Jesus, please save America –
And bring us home to Thee…