To God alone be the glory as the Lord opened a door for me as “Founder and Director of Apprising Ministries” to once again be on the Crosstalk Program of VCY America. Again the topic was Harry Potter and host Jim Schneider also had as his guest my friend Berit Kjos of Kjos Ministries. And I was glad that I was able to cover some of the important ground I bring up in my post The First Commandment: What Does It Mean? over at Christian Research Net.

From the Crosstalk website:

Harry Potter mania is flourishing and not just among secular readers. This mania also extends to Christians who are trying to justify whatever pleasure they obtain from it. Some Christians try to justify their reading of Harry Potter books by proclaiming that Harry Potter stories are part of an allegory designed to introduce Jesus to the postmodern generation.

The problem with that philosophy is that a key element to Harry Potter mania is Wicca, which is really nothing more than a modern version of the ancient religion of Witchcraft.

Some readers may attempt to defend Harry Potter by saying it’s about White Witchcraft but as pastor Silva points out, noted occultist [Anton LaVey] once said that White Witchcraft is pure mythology, and that all witches are drawing on occultic powers and that power doesn’t originate with God.

The key idea to remember is that the Harry Potter series, like the religion of Wicca/Witchcraft that it draws heavily from, has its foundation in the demonic realm and relies on the individual to determine what’s good and what’s evil.

You can listen to this informative program right here.