The teaching Different From The World from A.W. Tozer, not to mention flatly contradicting all of this new evangelical spiritual adultery of man-love, also speaks God’s heart on this subject. Please understand that there is an impassible chasm between men like me who proclaim the Gospel to unbelievers and men like Dan Kimball (see below) who want to talk about it with them.

Men and women, we have now reached the point where either men like Charles Spurgeon and Dr. John MacArthur are Christians or people like Rob Bell and Erwin McManus, both leaders in the neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church, are. Because the time has arrived to be brutally honest and publicly admit that we are simply not preaching the same Gospel.

Which now means, according to Galatians 1:6-9, one set of "us" are, in point of fact, now preaching “a different gospel; which is really not another. There is no middle ground. It’s black, or it’s white. You must come to understand that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not gray (see-Revelation 3:16).

It is as Ingrid Schlueter said over at Slice of Laodicea concerning this video clip below:

from the Willow Creek Arts Conference, emergent gurus Dan Kimball and Sally Morganthaler talk about, well, you tell me what they’re talking about. The emergent purple haze seems to descend every time these people start speaking which may be why conference attendees left with so many questions, as the woman at the front end of the video admits.

Excuse me. That’s why there was so much, “disequilibrium.” To translate the emergent-speak, the people were dizzy. That tends to happen with the loss of a fixed point of reference. When you get rid of biblical norms, “disequilibrium” is a direct result.