Washington Times carries this report from the AP:

Pope Benedict XVI called Sunday for an end to all wars, saying they were “useless slaughters” that bring hell to paradise on Earth… “While this inhuman conflict raged, the pope had the courage to affirm that it was a useless slaughter,” Benedict said. “These words _ ‘useless slaughter’_ contained a fuller prophetic value that can be applied to so many other conflicts that have cut off countless human lives” …

He reminded the faithful that God put man on Earth to take care of his “paradise,” but that man sinned and began making war. “The consequence is that in this stupendous garden which is the world, there is now room for hell,” he said.

Pope Benedict Arnold, you and Rob Bell are in for a mighty big surprise if you think there is anything at all upon this earth that even remotely prepares apostates like yourself for the horrific agony of what awaits you personally in Hell. And I–for one–have a question I would ask this pernicious papal pretender and shill for Satan who is so arrogant as to claim the rightful place of God the Holy Spirit as the Vicar of Christ.

What makes you think you can avoid the coming wrath for your false claim to be the “head” of the universal Body of Christ while you and your capricious church preach a non-gospel of baptismal regeneration and self-righteous sacramentalism which leads countless people to the useless slaughter of an eternity in the real Hell?

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