This clip is the U2 video exposé from Fight the Good Fight’s documentary “They Sold Their Souls For Rock ‘N Roll.” Here’s what Eugene Peterson says of U2 in the foreword to the spiritually silly book Get Up Off Your Knees, Preaching the U2 Catalog:

Is U2 a prophetic voice? I rather think so. And many of my friends think so. If they do not explicitly proclaim the Kingdom, they certainly prepare the way for that proclamation in much the same way that John the Baptist prepared the way for the kerygma of Jesus…Amos crafted poems, Jeremiah wept sermons, Isaiah alternately rebuked and comforted, Ezekiel did street theater. U2 writes songs and goes on tour, singing them.

You can learn more about this particular bit of lunacy in the Lord’s Name and the burgeoning cult of U2 “Christians” from the Episcopal priestess behind the above referenced book here at Apprising Ministries in my earler article “Reverend” Beth Maynard: Cedarville University Features A Woman “Pastor” Speaking on Emergent Church Icons U2.

In any event, what you are about to witness in this video clip makes one wonder if this isn’t rather bizarre conduct by people who supposedly love Jesus and are then looked to as mentors in the neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church: