As I have said before, by giving our young to the neo-liberal cult of the emerging church we are sacrificing them in the fires of Molech–plain and simple. Here’s more example of the "warped and toxic" (thanks Rob Bell) fruit of the Emergent Church. At Slice of Laodicea Ingrid Schlueter talks about a "link to emerging church Creative Arts director Eric Bramlett’s blog where he calls the movie, Knocked-up a ‘great movie.’”

She then goes on to tell the genuine Christian, who otherwise would likely have zero idea concerning a movie of this sort:

He says his wife and he “loved it.” Of course they would. This new breed of emerging church leader with seared conscience, addicted to Hollywood and absent any belief in the authority of God’s commands in His Word would love a movie that is given a moral rating of “Extremely Offensive” by a Christian movie review site. There were so many uses of the F-word in this movie that the reviewer lost count. Numerous sex scenes, nudity, and so on and so forth (Online source).

And yet the American Christian Church still insists, despite our repeated warnings, it still insists on turning their children over to people who would be such fools. Another case in point is my article The Emerging Church and Youth Specialties: MTV Video Music Awards Questions and Bible Study here at Apprising Ministries where Youth Specialties of the emerging church actually encourages our young to learn life-lessons from arrogant and repugnant thugs like Snoop Dogg.

Read it and loudly weep:

For You are not a God who takes pleasure in wickedness; No evil dwells with You. The boastful shall not stand before Your eyes;  You hate all who do iniquity. You destroy those who speak falsehood; The LORD abhors the man of bloodshed and deceit. (Psalm 5:4-6)

So then you dreamers wake up and smell the sickening smoke because the American Christian Church–rife with semi-pelagian new evangelicalism–is a raging inferno of apostasy. Um, so what do you think Rip Van Winkles in "leadership" within crumbling "missional" $evangelicalism$;  has the time finally arrived where you should start snatching people from the fire? (see–Jude 23)