You are likely aware that nearly a year ago now I ended up being hospitalized so that doctors could begin treating the osteomyelitis then affecting my spine. In that regard, I’m progressing as well as can be expected. However, you’ll notice my writing is still rather sporadic here at Apprising Ministries.

This time of physical testing continues, though we remain convinced that God is carrying me through this because there’s no way I have the strength. Yet, I feel Him giving me the desire to continue;  so, my best guess is, God is attempting to teach me some things through this suffering.

We’re asking for His wisdom because I’m still battling a lingering fatigue and have been experiencing a lot of problems with my eyesight as well. I’ve been to the eye doctor now a few times and, so far, he’s not found any eye disease. Since childhood I’ve been nearly blind in my left eye.

So, when I have problems with my right eye, it’s a frightening thing. In that eye the doctor has found a partial vitreous detachment (PVD) common to people my age. With this comes an increase in what is known as floaters. Briefly, virtually everyone has some of these spots in their vision.

Usually they’re like dark specks. However, in my case they have become more serious than usual appearing as cloudy gel-like gobs that float through my line of sight and then serve to blur my vision. It’s kind of like looking through a windshield as it becomes foggy.

The doctor suggests that what I’m seeing is some of the vitreous humor itself that’s pulled away within the eye. This sometimes happens with a PVD. So, it may be a kind of good news. Unfortunately, in addition to those issues, over-all my eyes just aren’t consistently focusing well either.

As you might imagine, with this stress, and that of facing the six figure hospital debt, I’m not sleeping restfully. Here the old saying, “I’m so tired I can’t see straight” comes to mind. I think there’s truth to that; at least for me. Even so, it’s still an uneasy and even scary time for us.

The question is, will these gob-like floaters grow more frequent and/or be there permanently? We are leaning heavily upon the truth of God’s Word and His promises as we seek the Lord for His comfort and guidance in leading us through this difficult time right now. Thank you for believing in AM.

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