By Christian Research Network correspondent Mike Ratilff of Possessing the Treasure
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As we have stood firm against those who are demanding that we compromise and say nothing about the History Channel’s Mishandling of the Bible in it’s miniseries, I have been somewhat surprised about one thing, but not about another.

The volume of the outcry against this stance surprised me, but the incredible theological shallowness of those doing the attacking against our stance did not. It was very similar to the volume and type of attack that I went through when I reblogged a post from a friend about some false teaching being promoted by Beth Moore a few years ago.

The outcry was intense and large, but the depth of theological knowledge and reason within those doing the attacking was sparse indeed. It was all based within fleshly outrage that is evident within those whose idol has been toppled over.

Now, with that in in focus I had intended to repost my study Judge Not!, which I wrote about 7 years ago. However, that is a 16 part Bible study which I had intended to publish back in the day, but a friend in the Christian marketing/publishing industry suggested that I simply post it and let as many people read it as possible. He posted it on his web site and several others have as well. I wanted so much to suggest to those accusing of us of judging falsely to go read that post, but I doubt if they were really listening.

Instead of focusing on that study I would like to continue with pursuing what is theologically correct and what we must hold fast to and never compromise even unto death. As I contemplated this today I received an email from Ligonier Ministries about their current No Compromise: 2013 National Conference. The message below is from R.C. Sproul.

Was the Reformation debate over justification by faith alone a tempest in a teapot? There are many today who think so, many who argue that the Reformation is over. In the following message from the No Compromise: 2013 National Conference, Dr. R.C. Sproul will explain why the Reformers spoke of justification by faith alone as the article on which the church stands or falls, and why we are never to compromise on this essential truth of the Christian faith.

The Article On Which The Church Stands Or Falls

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