Apprising Ministries now offers you the truth in regard to the alleged great ages of the universe, and the earth’s strata that we are always hearing about?

The late Dr. Ron Carlson now uncovers for us the scientific shell game they play with dating methods:

There are a variety of methods. You have Carbon 14 dating, which is good back to a maximum of 20,000 years – it has great fluctuation at that. In fact, it has dated live snails at 10,000 years old–which is a little hard to swallow. Then you have Argon Potassium 25, which goes back to an estimate of 100,000 years, and it is also based on an assumption that things react to our atmosphere now, the same way they always have, and that cannot be established.

But when you get back into the [supposed] millions of years, the only way you can date something that old is by the geological strata. So as these paleontologists dig down through the layers of the earth, they date the fossils by the age of the strata in which they are found. Now, the thinking person is going to ask: Well; how do they know the age of the layer of the earth in the first place?

They date the strata by the age of the fossils they find in it. The first time I heard this I thought my professor was kidding! Until I began to research this and I discovered that in paleontology they are caught in the fallacy of circular reasoning; I kid you not! They date the fossil by the strata, and they date the strata by the fossil–you can date anything any way you want to using this method! And believe me; they do!

Dr. Carlson is proved correct by the secular source The World Book Encyclopedia, where in one volume under fossils it says: “Scientists determine when fossils were formed by finding out the age of the rock in which they lie.”

However, in another volume of the same encyclopedia set under strata we read: “Paleontology (the study of fossils) is important in the study of Geology. The age of the rocks may be determined by the fossils found in them.”

Wait a minute; first we’re told the rocks date the fossils, and then they turn around and tell us that it’s the fossils that date the rocks! At the risk of offending those who put so much faith in the power of human reason, this clearly violates the laws of logic.

Dr. Carlson is quite right when he says this is the fallacy of “circular reasoning,” also known as begging the question. In closing this, for now, let me share this with you from former evolutionist, Dr. Gary Parker, a professor of biology, who tells of a television show he saw while in Canada.

Dr. Parker remembers:

As the credits began to fade away the camera showed a medieval princess walking in a castle garden, and you could tell she was looking for something very special. The music begins to play softly, and then the camera slowly swings over to the edge of a little pond where a frog is sitting.

As the princess hears the sound of the frog she moves over to the edge of the pond. She then bends down and kisses the frog, and stars sparkle all over the screen! And from out of the stars steps this handsome prince.

And, as the prince and the princess engage in an embrace, the narrator of the program walks into this idyllic scene and says: “If you believe a frog turned into a prince instantly, that’s a fairy tale. If you believe it took 300 million years–that’s evolution!”

This is offered as an appeal for you to awaken from the fairytale of evolution, as I commend to your attention the Book to end all fables. And I urge you to consider this special Book, which has the ultimate happy ending—repentance and forgiveness of sins’ in Jesus’ Name.

Passing from death unto eternal life through Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of God, for all who will believe. That Book, is the Bible, and it has stood the test of time.

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