By John Downey and republished with permission

1. It would be easy to miss this article as it was just published today, but you’d be missing a great article on sanctification if you don’t read this one by Tullian Tchividjian, Time To Stop Looking In And Start Looking Up.

2. This article by Erin Benziger is an interesting look at the hopelessness of an old Hindu tradition. it’s called: “Millions of Hindus Engage in Hopeless Ritual to Cleanse Away Their Sins.”  It’s an excellent post, well worth your time, although it could use a snazzier title.

3. The biggest media story this week involved Louie Giglio being invited and then uninvited, or he changed his mind, I’m still not clear on that point) to speak at the inauguration of the President Obama. Here are two articles that I believe were the most interesting and accurate. The first is from Ken Silva of Apprising Minstries called, “Louie Gigilo Is No Hero To Be Admired” The other article is by Dr. Al Mohler and is called: “The Giglio Imbroglio” (Now THAT”S a snazzy title, all other bloggers should take note)

4. The next article is a first here at DPS for we are featuring an article by the blogger of ill repute himself, Frank Turk. It’s about Louie Giglio in a round about way because it’s about the Passion 2013 conference, but it’s about more than just that…it’s about your calling, it’s called; “Consider Your Calling

5. I’ve said for years that the last thing we need in church are books on self-esteem, and here is why: “How college students think they are more special than EVER

6. As I said last week, being a blogger that’s not afraid to challenge any well-known church leader who is leading the flock away from the pure water of the Word  is often a thankless task (especially when those well-known pastors feel the liberty to take potshots at their so-called critics via Twitter), this article over at A Vague and Mild Disagreeableness is an interesting take on Watchbloggers.

7. And in that same vein of thought Julia over at Steak and a Bible posted this article called “Why I Contend” it echos so many of my own thoughts on the matter that I had to share.

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