Apprising Ministries brought you the promo for tomorrow’s appearance by Rick Warren with Oprah in Rick Warren On Oprah’s Lifeclass Sunday: Winning The Hand You’re Dealt.

Erika Ritchie of the OC Register informs us:

On the show, Winfrey will talk with the mega-church pastor about the principles that guide people’s lives. She and Warren will talk about the five “cards” that make up a person’s identity: chemistry, connections, circumstances, consciousness and choices.

Winfrey and Warren will talk with guests on the show struggling with issues and provide ways to move past the challenges. Special guest Nick Vujicic, a man born with no limbs, shares his story…

Winfrey invites spiritual leaders to participate in the program. Past shows have included Iyanla Van Zant, founder and director of Inner Visions Institute of Spiritual Development. Van Zant is hailed as one of Halle Berry’s five “Sheros” (Glamour Magazine 2006); one of the country’s most influential African Americans (Ebony Magazine 2004), and is among the among the country’s most 100 Influential Women.

Joel Osteen, televangelist and pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, has also participated in the show. Osteen’s ministry reaches more than seven million broadcast media viewers weekly in more than 100 nations.

“We are gathering the most inspiring teachers to discuss the fundamental life principles that are the keys to unlocking our own greatest potential,” Winfrey said.

Winfrey’s Lifeclass series is done as a multi-platform experience, with millions of students from more than 200 countries who engage with her on-air, online and via social media. Questions to Warren were done via Tweets, through Facebook and from audience members during the Houston filming. (source)

Quite obviously this is a huge platform. Ritchie then provides ” an excerpt from the Winfrey/Warren” confab airing tomorrow:

WARREN: Here’s the real important thing about temptation. I’ve shared this with a lot of people; it’s helped a lot of people. When we have a habit, or I have a habit that I don’t like and I’m being tempted to go to this habit over and over and over, the key to changing a habit is not to resist it, but to replace it. Not to resist, but refocus. If a guy’s having problems with pornography and he’s watching TV, he doesn’t just say, “No, I don’t want this, I don’t want this.” He just flips the channel. The moment you change the channel, it, the temptation loses it’s power on you. Do not – listen, here’s a pastor telling you this – do not resist temptation.

WINFREY: Do not resist temptation?! Says the pastor?

WARREN: Yeah, and let me tell you why. What you resist persists. Because the whole time you’re focused on it. What you need to do is just change your focus. And this is taking your conscious and saying “I’m going to renew my mind, I’m going to think on these things; what sort of things are pure and lovely … , I’m going to think about good things. (source)

Sure that wasn’t Stuart Smalley? Remember when Warren said that Purpose Drivenism isn’t about you? Right. Now here’s a little clip of Dr. Rick in action and not even blinking when Oprah takes the Lord’s Name in vain:

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