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The following is excerpted from Beth Moore’s book, The Beloved Disciple. Consider the implications of the claims she makes in the following paragraphs. Bold emphasis is added:

Beloved, I am convinced one of our severest needs is pure rest. Not only sleep, but refreshment and recreation. Recently God spoke to me about capturing what He and I are calling “Sabbath moments.” Like many of yours, my schedule right now is particularly tough, and I see no time in the near future for a number of days off. God spoke to my heart one Saturday morning while I was preparing for Sunday school: “My child, in between more intense rests, I want to teach you to take Sabbath moments.” I wasn’t certain what He meant. Just that morning God confirmed His desire for me to drive all the way to the other side of Houston to the medical center to visit a patient with brain cancer. I was very thankful for the privilege of visiting this patient, but I knew in advance it would be tough emotionally and far from restful.

I fought the traffic across Houston, then visited with my new friend and her husband while choking back the tears. They have two young sons, and unless God performs a miracle, their mother will go home to be with the Lord before they are grown. I got in my car and prayed. I pulled out of the parking garage, fighting the tears. A few blocks later as if on autopilot, I turned my steering wheel straight into the parking lot of the Houston Zoo!

Christ seemed to say, “Let’s go play.” And that we did. I hadn’t been to the zoo in years. I heard about all the improvements, but I never expected the ultimate: Starbucks coffee! (OK, so I don’t have all my health issues down pat.) Can you imagine watching a baby koala take a nap in a tree on a rare cold day in Houston with a Starbucks grande cappuccino in your hand? Now that’s a Sabbath moment! God and I had a blast.

Beth Moore, The Beloved Disciple, (B&H Publishing: 2003), 220.

It seems reasonable to issue to Ms. Moore the same challenge recently issued here to Kim Walker-Smith of the band Jesus Culture: Prove it. You know, I just had a lunch date with God at Panera Bread (He loves their Frontega Chicken panini, by the way) and He told me that this story is completely fabricated. Don’t believe me? Well, it does sound ridiculous, but who is to say that Moore’s experience was real and mine was not?

If God really is speaking to Beth Moore, then she owes it to the Body of Christ to add these conversations and revelations to the 66 books of Scripture. God always speaks authoritatively, and thus no thing that He says is of less importance than another. If the above playdate, and the teaching about “Sabbath moments” truly is from God, then Christians everywhere best add the Book of Beth after the book of Revelation in their Bibles.

Before we do that, however, let us remember that Moore also claims to have been given a vision of the church “as Jesus sees it.” An alleged vision of Christ’s church which shockingly includes the apostate Roman Catholic Church.


It is difficult to believe that Jesus would include as part of his true Church a body that has anathematized his Gospel and the doctrine of justification by faith alone. When Beth Moore’s conversations with God are tested against Scripture, then, they fail to meet the only true standard that exists—the true and living Word of God.

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