Even though I really don’t wish to give General of the Seeker Driven Army Rick Warren—who appears to me as a media hound—any more exposure than he already has, still Apprising Ministries brings this story to your attention as a teaching vehicle.

Specifically as to how not to represent the Christian faith. Christopher Santarelli of The Blaze tells us:

During a discussion on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” on Monday — Christmas Eve — with Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren, Morgan argued that there needs to be an “amendment to the Bible” for same-sex marriage, because like the Constitution, the Bible is “inherently flawed.”

“Both the Bible and the Constitution were well intentioned but they are basically, inherently flawed. Hence, the need to amend it,” Morgan told Warren…“My point to you about gay rights, for example, it’s time for an amendment to the Bible.”

“Uh, no,” replied Warren, in a conversation that remained civil between both parties. “Not a chance. What I believe is flawed is human opinion, because it constantly changes.” (source)

Hold it; we have a flag on the play: Illegal use of human reason on Rick Warren. One of the first things we learn in Christian apologetics is it doesn’t matter one iota what you personally believe about a given subject. What matters is, what the text of the Bible says.

When we go into the area of subjective opinions we step out of bounds and off of the playing field. This then  brings us over into the area of secular talk shows, which go round and round and round ending nowhere because each person has a right to their own opinion.

A proper response by “America’s pastor” would have been something along the lines of:

Well Piers, you’re—of course—entitled to your opinion. I’m not necessarily asking you personally to commit to this, however, let me explain that—for me as a Christian—I hold to what the revealed Word of God in the BIble says about the nature of man.

In Scripture God tells us that our reasoning ability can’t be trusted because it’s corrupted by sin; and sin is rebellion against God. So, what matters then is what God has said. The Bible is clear, for example Matthew 19, that God’s covenant for marriage is between a man and a woman.

This means, according to our Creator, same-sex sexual relations will always be outside of His marriage covenant and is a sin of sexual immorality.

Once the deviant lifestyle of sexual relations with members of the same sex, i.e. homosexuality, is defined properly we side-step a pet pro-homosexual argument concerning the Christian allegedly singling out homosexuality as opposed to e.g. gluttony or selfishness.

As I showed you in The Sin Of Homosexuality Is Different the Bible teaches that sexual immorality, whether it be homosexuality, heterosexual fornication, or adultery, is a different—more serious—kind of sin:

Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body. (1 Corinthians 6:18)

Note carefully how the Holy Spirit chose to set all other sin apart from sexual immorality. As The Lutheran Study Bible puts it concerning 1 Corinthians 6:18:

Sexual sins uniquely involve sinning against others with the body as an instrument, in contrast with gluttony, drunkenness, etc. ((Edward A. Engelbrecht, Gen. Ed., The Lutheran Study Bible,  [St. Louis: Concordia, 2009], 1954.))

This the position of the disciple of Jesus Christ, because it’s His; and this is why the Christian discusses such sin more than other kinds. That and, with the aggressive pro-homosexual lobby actively pushing their views upon us, now we really have no choice.

So in the end the truth is that, as someone without Christ and still in his sin, it’s really Piers Morgan himself who is “inherently flawed” and “needs to be amended” through the Gospel of repentance and forgiveness of sins in Jesus’ Name. May the Lord show him mercy.

And what you’ll see below is a rather chilling reason why we need to trumpet from the highest points of secular society, long and loud, that Rick Warren does not speak for Bible-believing Christians:

[mejsvideo src=”https://www.apprising.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/MorganWarren.mov” width=640 height=360]

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