By Bud Press of Christian Research Service

This has not been a good year for Todd Bentley, the self-proclaimed prophet who is under constant scrutiny from Christians for his false teachings and false healings, many by way of punching and kicking the sick and dying.

In January 2012, Bentley was denied entry into Australia. In August 2012, he was banned from entering the United Kingdom.

In September 2012, he was forced to cancel his October trip to Pakistan.

When the banner that advertised the trip to Pakistan disappeared from the Fresh Fire website, a call was made to Fresh Fire Ministries on September 3. According to a Fresh Fire spokesman, the trip to Pakistan was cancelled, due to lack of interest from Bentley’s own followers. The spokesman said they needed “30 people” for the trip, but only “18″ signed up.

Apparently, Bentley’s followers had a difficult time coughing-up $3,000 for the trip, $25 for the application fee, and a $500 deposit.

Nonetheless, according to Fresh Fire’s “Deadline on Pakistan Mission Trip,” the “cut-off date” for filling out the “application” and to secure a “position on the team” was “August 15th.” (


1. The deadline for the trip to Pakistan was August 15. The trip was cancelled. So, why does Fresh Fire Ministries continue to advertise and promote the trip to Pakistan? (

2. Since Fresh Fire Ministries cancelled the trip, is anyone entitled to a full refund?

3. If the trip to Pakistan has been reinstated, why isn’t it included in Todd Bentley’s current itinerary? (

Lack of money contributes to lack of interest, despite Bentley’s teachings on “debt cancellation” and developing a “prosperity mindset” (refer to Bentley’s “Sowing and Reaping in the Glory” at

Indeed, the only ones who prosper from the prosperity teachings are those who preach prosperity. If prosperity teachings worked, and if Bentley followed his own teachings, he wouldn’t have to ask for a penny.

Currently, Bentley is playing to small churches in Europe. His Twitter Tweets about preaching to a “packed house” give the impression that thousands are stumbling over each other to see him. But the small gathering filmed in this YouTube video tells a different story (

Note that the video was filmed in Helsinki, Finland and posted on September 5, 2012:

[mejsvideo src=”” width=640 height=360]

Since his so-called “restitution,” which was and is under the heretical eyes of Rick Joyner and Bill Johnson, Todd Bentley has been on a desperate journey to regain the popularity he once had during the 2008 Florida revival–a revival that ended in disgrace and caused tremendous harm to the cause of Christ. As a consequence, many of Bentley’s followers felt heartbroken and abandoned, mainly because they failed to apply the Biblical tests found in 1 Thessalonians 5:21 and 1 John 4:1. As such, they trusted Bentley’s words over God’s written word.

Like a freelance singing minstrel, Bentley is performing his one-man show in one-night stands in small churches in Europe. But deep-down inside he yearns for a “revival” of epic proportions–a revival that would sweep into every church in Europe, and propel him into international stardom once again.

So far, it isn’t happening. Even Todd Bentley’s “angels” and false “god” aren’t cooperating.

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