Apprising Ministries last talked about Rob Bell, former rock star icon of the Emerging Church, in pieces such as Rob Bell Affirms Gay “Christians” & Brian McLaren Is Really Happy and Influence Of Richard Rohr On Rob Bell And His Love Wins Mythology.

You’ve seen that since departing Mars Hill Bible Church Bell has been coming out of the closet as the full blown pro-homosexual progressive neo-liberal I told you he was. A source close to Bell himself tells me that he was even getting set to perform same-sex marriages.

Over the years I’ve also shown you that the evil influence of corrupt Counter Reformation Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism (CSM), which incontrovertibly flowered within long apostate Roman Catholicism, has also had a profound effect upon the mythology of Rob Bell as well.

In particular the delusion that comes from practicing the crown jewel of spurious CSM, a form of meditation in an altered state of consciousness known as Contemplative/Centering Prayer (CCP); i.e. transcendental meditation which has been lightly sprayed with Christian terminology.

CCP is known by the neo-gnostics spewing CSM to be the vehicle of “transformation” which eventually takes the practitioner into seeing beyond mere belief systems (i.e. doctrine) into faith in the Divine (their nebulous god). Thus all the talk of spirituality as opposed to the Gospel of the Christian faith.

Keep this in mind as I bring to your attention to That Show Rob Bell and Carlton Cuse Have Been Working on:

Here’s the details. Notice it’s Bell’s quasi-Christianity pureed with “spiritual issues” from his sidekick Cuse:

What is it exactly you guys are up to?

We’re going to put on a couple of shows in a rented warehouse space in downtown LA on Monday, September 10 and Tuesday, September 11.  For those of you familiar with Rob’s work in sermons, videos, and tours– this might best be described as a newly conceived extension of  all that, thrown into a blender with the spiritual issues Carlton explored in the show LOST.

So it’s a live show?

For now.  We are test driving it — workshopping and experimenting — with the intention of eventually doing a version of the show for broadcast so more people can share the experience.


We’re doing two different shows back to back on Monday and Tuesday September 10th and 11th at 8pm.


826 E. 3rd Street, LA

How long is it?

Roughly and hour and a half.

How much are tickets?

Tickets are Free and limited to 2 per person. Please don’t take tickets unless you are going to the show. In the event that people with tickets can’t make it, we will have some spaces reserved for walk ups-we’re not sure how many that will be-and that line will start forming at 7 out side the building.

Any rules and regulations?

Yes, no audio or video recording please, and by accepting tickets you consent to being filmed. (source)

HT: Do Not Be Surprised…

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