Apprising Ministries continues our coverage of The Harbinger (TH) by Jonathan Cahn, which if you’re in leadership, has been quite likely already sneaking into your own local church at the grassroots level.

For more on TH I refer you to Is The Harbinger Fact Or Fiction? and Chris Rosebrough Short Circuits Jonathan Cahn And The Harbinger.  Suffice here to say it’s allegedly a warning from God to America to repent.

I urge you to avoid the rabbit trail: No one’s arguing the US is without major sin before God. The question is, are we to receive TH as a prophetic Word from God? This is how author (prophet?) Jonathan Cahn often portrays it.

This serves to keep TH rather shrouded in mystery because one time he might emphasize it’s fiction, which it is in some of the story line, and other times he appears to me to be clearly implying TH is a message from God Himself.

So that’s why I have asked: Are we really supposed to believe that God would chose to use spiritual wing nut Jim Bakker to launch what Jonathan Cahn tells us could be a most important warning from God to America?

You see, this is Cahn’s own claim as I showed you previously in God Launched The Harbinger Book Using Jim Bakker? Bakker is so far out in left field that he can’t even see the Christian ballpark from where he’s playing.

This gives us cause for pause concerning the discernment of Jonathan Cahn. Let me say I know he’s hawking a book, and his publisher Charisma—another reason to doubt God’s in this—wanted him on The Jim Bakker Show.

Due to the amount of false teaching, and outright heresy, that both Jim Bakker and Charisma magazine regularly spew, I don’t think God chose either venue. I also offer that one with true prophetic insight would know that.

As you’ll see in this clip from his 4/30/12 appearance on The Jim Bakker Show, it seems pretty clear that Jonathan Cahn doesn’t. Beginning at 9:23 into the program Bakker stops to offer his obeisance to”the Rabbi.”

While he’s doing so, Bakker reveals that he and Cahn have gotten to know each other very well. Cahn then tells the heretical Jim Bakker:

Well, you are humble. And you also, you gave me such great advice, as mentoring in all these things. And I greatly, greatly, appreciate it and it’s an honor for me to be here. I’m totally blessed. (:59-1:11)

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