Apprising Ministries wants you to be aware that, due to the blending of Seeker Driven mythology and Word Faith fables, a coming wave of apostasy within contemporary evangelicalism is the issue of women pastors.

This will serve to bring it out into the open because pastrixes are a staple within the heretical WF camp, e.g.Elephant Room 2′s T.D. Jakes, Pastrix Paula White & His Upcoming Women Thou Art Loosed Conference.

You might remember in Seeker Driven Pastrix Kelly Dykstra On How T.D. Jakes Tickled Her Ears At Ed Young, Jr’s c3 Conference I showed you video of pastrix Dykstra explaining how apparently T.D. Jakes fed her ego.

Right in line with 2 Timothy 4:3-4 it seems Jakes scratched her itching ears and told her what she already wanted to hear and she’d go on usurping the position of elder within what is purported to be a local Christian church.

That video clip was taken from the Dykstra’s ongoing sermon series:

Specifically, it was their tag team Mother’s Day “sermon” listed below:


This exclusive AM video is taken from that message. There’s a few reasons why I think it’s important that you have the opportunity to see this. While it seems people wish to ignore it, the fact is women pastors are increasing.

In many cases within the Seeker Driven camp it’s not so much this is new; rather, because of increasing syncretism with whacked WF wingnuts, leadership of SD megachurches simply don’t bother hiding it anymore.

While there are those who really don’t see these rebels against the Word of God as ay kind of a serious issue, I tell you in the Lord this is not a secondary matter. For you see, it involves who leads and instructs God’s sheep.

Thereby, it’s going to have an indelible effect upon the very future of the Christian faith itself. If you wish to see what it will be, take a look at the now mortally wounded mainline denominations, which already went there.

Here, I’m not going to break down and refute each fable advanced by the Dykstras. Mostly, I want you to have the chance to hear for yourselves the arguments which will be marshaled by apostates pushing for women pastors.

After a couple of sophomoric stories about their mothers, bird excrement, and flatulence, pastor Eric Dykstra tips his hand as he tells us they’re going to  look ya:

What does the Bible actually say about men and women. And then why does this really matter.

The context will become clear that those of us who take the proper Biblical position that, while equal in Christ men and women have different God-ordained roles, have—at best—totally missed the mark on this key issue.

At worst—because we say Scripture teachesonly men may be elders in the local church—we are using the Bible to hold women back from exercising their gifts. Often our position is said to be women can’t be in ministry.

However, no one credible is teaching that women have “no place in the church” or cannot be “in ministry.” What we are saying is that men and women need to obey what God has said in His Word concerning our roles.

This is what you’ll need to keep in mind as you listen to the man-pleasing mythology of pastor Eric and pastrix Kelly Dykstra in this video clip below:

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