For many years now Apprising Ministries has been sounding the alarm about the warped and toxic teachings of Rob Bell, the rock star pastor of the Emerging Church.

That’s why I’ve published pieces like Rob Bell Resources. You likely know that December 18, 2011 Bell would give his last “sermon” at Mars Hill Bible Church.

He had turned MHBC over to his good friend and fellow apostate Shane Hipps in order to pursue—among other things—producing a program for secular television.

Hipps himself has since also resigned from MHBC. Apparently the time constraint to actually be a pastor would get in the way of him pursuing greener pa$ture$.

Well, now that he hasn’t been in the limelight, it appears Rob Bell may have had even more time on his hands and it seems there’ll be a new book:


That’s all the information we have at this time. so we’re not sure if this is a new book or some kind of compilation of some of Bell’s previous mythology.

And according to Paul Wilkenson:

The same week, HarperCollins Children’s Publishing is releasing Love Wins Teen Edition. (source)

It’ll be a good idea for real churches to make sure their young are immunized before the next outbreak of Bell fever.

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