Apprising Ministries began coverage of this book currently beginning to sow confusion within the camp of online apologetics and discernment ministry with The Harbinger: Prophetic Fact Or Fickle Fiction?

There I shared my opinion that Cahn has been trying to have his cake and eat it too. By that I mean, he has been seemingly hiding in the weeds as to that is the true nature of his book The Harbinger (TH).

I’ve previously brought you the following exclusive audio clip from the April 21, 2012 edition of Understanding the Times with Jan Markell, who is a defender of his, where Cahn clearly tells us:

And just a note. It’s—the form is a narrative, as you said, but the really—ninety per cent of it [his book] is non-fiction.

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Now to be fair, from Markell’s web bonus from the day before we were told:

We are not suggesting that this is a definite word from God but we do ask, “What if Jonathan Cahn is right?” Could this be America’s final warning? (source)

I’m in dialogue with Jonathan Cahn right now but unfortunately not seeming to get too far as to exactly the nature of this book. If anything does transpire in that area I’ll be sure to let you know.

For now, let me remind you that Jonathan Cahn was on again with Brannon Howse his past July 3rd. At 1:18 of the audio clip to follow Cahn further clarifies what he told Jan Markell in April:

One of the things—the charges that were made [by critics]—initially, that the thing—these revelations [in The Harbinger] were based on a dream [I had], absolutely not.

That’s the fictional part, and just to set up—The Harbinger is ninety percent giving a real thing—a non-fiction [i.e. true to life], it’s giving the connections and the whole thing.

It’s framed in a narrative [i.e. story, fiction in this case]. The thing that’s only fiction is the narrative, and that goes around sharing these things.

It’s actually taken from teachings that I did, which were not based on dreams—not based on receiving something—you, know “Thus saith the Lord”—it wasn’t that at all.

I mean, I do believe that the Lord leads us, and that’s a different story. But—so, these are just the narrative things about it, which some of these critics have completely confused with it.

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Again, this begs the question: If 90% of the prophetic warnings in TH are true then by definitionwe have a Word from God within. Why all the cat and mouse? If God revealed this to Jonathan Cahn, then let him stand by it.

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