Apprising Ministries has long been sounding warning for you about the evil influence of the neo-liberal cult operating within the Emerging Church aka the Emergent Church.

One of the worst in its spiritually loathsome legacy is introducing Foster-Willardism and their corrupt of Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism of Rome’s Counter Reformation.

Tragically, because this CSM began to be used in evangelical young adult and youth ministries circa 2000, we’ve seen a modern equivalent of passing children through the fire (cf. Jeremiah 32:35).

Now stop and think that many of these, trained by Foster-Willardites to listen to their own thoughts and then believe they’re hearing from God, have now gone on to leadership within churches.

What it’s producing is a growing syncretism, which is even blending so-called Reformed pastors like Mark Driscoll together with Seeker Driven pragmatists like Southern Baptist Rick Warren. ((http://theresurgence.com/conference))

The end result is a misguided new liberalism attempting to make the Christian faith palatable for the pouty postmodern set. It didn’t work with the original liberalism; and it won’t work now.

If you’ve ever wondered why we so often hear how Christianity has supposedly failed to win the approval of the world, such as the essence of the below tweet, then now you’ll know:


Now before we measure me for a nice suit of tar and feathers, I believe that to be Francis Schaeffer and agree to a point. Lots of professing Christians are caught up in letter-of-the-Law legalism.

However, that isn’t the Church, the Body of Christ. As such, we can just as easily turn right around and say to these emerging seeker driven man-loving milquetoasts what I said in response.

We can file my tweet below as #understated but true:


Dearly beloved of God, you don’t have to let them fool you, or to confuse you…soi Deo gloria!

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