You are those who have stayed with me in my trials. (Luke 22:28)
When life is done and role is called up yonder, what will be the words that every disciple will want to hear? Perhaps, the most famous words men want to hear are, “Well done good and faithful servant.”  Certainly these would be words that a disciple would want to hear from his Master, but perhaps of equal value are the words that Jesus shares with his disciples before his final hour. 

 These men who are with him have endured much in following Jesus and have not turned away.  There was one point in Jesus’ ministry where thousands turned away and would walk with him no longer (John 6:66).  Throughout Jesus’ public ministry the Pharisees had tried to trap him, malign him, blaspheme him, and even kill him.  The disciples were quite aware of all the attacks upon their Master and even sought to warn and protect him at times. 

 These men had committed their lives to follow a man who lived under a death sentence.  They had as much opportunity to turn away from him as any other man, but yet they refused go back on their word.  They had left family, friends, jobs, and normal lives to follow a man that was hated by the world.  There were amazing times of healings, casting out demons, raising the dead, and season of many believing the Words of Jesus, but at the same time there was always danger in being associating with Jesus. 

The commitment level of the confessing Christian of America pales in comparison to these men.  Men who claim to be committed to following Christ will turn away from him due to very minimal tension.  Scores of people come into the church for numerous reasons and make a public decision to commit their lives to Christ, but very few are willing to stay the course.  Christianity has no room for wimpy, whining, worthless confessions.  Christianity is for real men who will sell everything, leave everyone, and take up their cross and follow their Master.  Those who have been regenerated by the work of the Holy Spirit will be those who will follow Christ to the end no matter the cost. 

Dearly beloved, examine the level of your commitment to Christ.  Have you found Him to be a lovely Savior?  Have you found Him to be trustworthy to His Word?  Have you found Him to be faithful to a thousand generations?  Have you found Him to be longsuffering towards your sinfulness?  If He is all of these things and a thousands more then you have no excuse for not following Him all the way into eternity.  Endure to the end for His glory!

J. Randall Easter, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Briar, Azle, TX.
II Timothy 2:19
“He who sells cheapest shall have most customers; the devil knows that it is a cheap and easy doctrine which pleases the flesh, and he doubts not but he shall have customers enough.” (Thomas Watson)