And now, from across the globe, around the nation, or maybe across your street,  this just in from Internet News headquarters, where our motto is: If it’s news; it’s news to us:

Dateline Here, There, and Everywhere: Wally “Wink” Wallingford, III (shown left) may be filing a class action lawsuit against Trinity Blasphemy Network, and Dr. LaVerne Adams, after watching the Doctor of Disaster Destiny on her TBN program Sow Seed To Me And I’ll Set You Free. “Yeah,” says Wink Wallingford, “Free from your money, alright.”

You might recall Adams has a new self-published book out called Driven By Destiny: 12 Secrets to Unlock Your Future where the foreword was written by none other than Purpose Driven Pope Rick Warren of the highly influential Saddleback Church, arguably the most visible church in the largely pretending to be Protestant Southern Baptist Convention.

Wallingford, who’s actually 62, has now slipped into his diapers destiny when he made the wrong confession. “What happened was,” Wallingford explains, “Dr. Adams was a-prophesyin’ up a storm, see. Yeah, an actual storm; and I got so excited I spilled my coffee in my lap. Just as she said, ‘you must now decree and declare your destiny,’ I went, ‘ooh, baby’ because the coffee was so hot.”

“Suddenly there’s Destiny Doctor yelling, ‘I decree and declare, your words have creative power; and now you are what you say!’ And whammo-blammo; I’ll be, there I am a toddler all over again.” Wink Wallingford tells us that he’s very unhappy with his new destiny, and just might find himself a good lawyer to sue Dr. LaVerne Adams; um,  just as soon as he’s old enough again to read, that is.